CentER PhD theses 2010

This is an overview of all CentER PhD theses of 2010.

All CentER PhD theses

Copies can be ordered from the author, via the CentER Graduate Office.

  1. 2010 nr.276

    Majo, M.C. A microeconometric analysis of health care utilization in Europe
  2. 2010 nr.269

    Mazur, M. Essays on executive remuneration, organizational structure and non-cash divestitures
  3. 2010 nr.268

    Zhao, Y. The role of directors’ professional and social networks in CEO compensation and the managerial labour market
  4. 2010 nr.267

    Fruteau, C. Biological markets in the everyday lives of mangabeys and vervets
  5. 2010 nr.266

    Salganik, G. Essays on investment flows of hedge fund and mutual fund investors
  6. 2010 nr.265

    Powell, J.P. The limits of economic self-interest
  7. 2010 nr.264

    Lin, H.E. Effects of strategy, context and antecedents and capabilities on the outcomes of ambidexterity
  8. 2010 nr.263

    Lourenco, C.J. Consumer models of store price perceptions and store choices
  9. 2010 nr.262

    Andrikopoulos, V. A theory and model for the evolution of software services
  10. 2010 nr.261

    Powell, O.R. Essays on experimental bubble markets
  11. 2010 nr.260

    van Horen, F. Breaking the mould on copycats
  12. 2010 nr.259

    Timmers, A.D. The perceived cultural changes and the changes in identification of the employees during a merger between two airlines
  13. 2010 nr.258

    Hiel, M. An adaptive service oriented architecture
  14. 2010 nr.257

    Gantner, M. Some nonparametric diagnostic statistical procedures and their asymptotic behavior
  15. 2010 nr.256

    Dai, R. Essays on pension finance and dynamic asset allocation
  16. 2010 nr.255

    van Gulick, G. Game theory and applications in finance
  17. 2010 nr.254

    Flugge, B. IS standards in designing business-to-government collaborations
  18. 2010 nr.253

    Broeders, D.W.G.A. Essays on the valuation of discretionary liabilities and pension fund investment policy
  19. 2010 nr.252

    Visser, L.J. Thresholds in logistics collaboration decisions
  20. 2010 nr.251

    Krajina, A. An M-estimator of multivariate tail dependence
  21. 2010 nr.250

    van der Wiel, H.P. Competition and innovation
  22. 2010 nr.249

    Zhou, J. Access to justice
  23. 2010 nr.248

    Janssen, E. Inventory control in case of unknown demand and control parameters
  24. 2010 nr.247

    Kleppe, J. Modelling interactive behaviour, and solution concepts