CentER PhD theses 2011

This is an overview of all CentER PhD theses of 2011.

All CentER PhD theses

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  1. 2011 nr.306

    Hagspiel, V. Flexibility in technology choice
  2. 2011 nr.304

    Londono Yarce, J.M. Essays on asset pricing
  3. 2011 nr.303

    Smit, D.S. Freedom of investment between EU and non-EU member states and its impact on corporate income tax systems within the European Union
  4. 2011 nr.302

    Duarte Bom, P.R. The macroeconomics of fiscal policy and public capital
  5. 2011 nr.301

    Reddy, P.V. Essays on dynamic games
  6. 2011 nr.300

    Lindelauf, R. Design and analysis of covert networks, affiliations and projects
  7. 2011 nr.299

    Mehlkopf, R.J. Risk sharing with the unborn
  8. 2011 nr.298

    Della Seta, M. Essays in corporate financing and investment under uncertainty
  9. 2011 nr.297

    Carvalho, M. Essays in behavioral microeconomic theory
  10. 2011 nr.296

    Sanders, E.A.T. Annuity market imperfections
  11. 2011 nr.295

    Van Tongeren, J.W. From national accounting to the design, compilation, and use of bayesian policy and analysis frameworks
  12. 2011 nr.294

    Farooq, M. Essays on financial intermediation and markets
  13. 2011 nr.293

    Spaenjers, C. Essays in alternative investments
  14. 2011 nr.292

    Knoef, M.G. Essays on labor force participation, aging, income and health
  15. 2011 nr.291

    Serra Garcia, M. Communication, lending relationship and collateral
  16. 2011 nr.290

    Cuypers, Y.K. The determinants and performance implications of change in inter-organizational relations
  17. 2011 nr.289

    Peijnenburg, J.M.J. Consumption, savings, and investments over the life cycle
  18. 2011 nr.288

    Bogmans, C.W.J. Essays on international trade and the environment
  19. 2011 nr.287

    Kroon, D.P. The post-merger integration phase of organizations
  20. 2011 nr.286

    Engesaeth, E.J.P. Managerial compensation contracting
  21. 2011 nr.285

    Stel, F. Improving the performance of co-innovation alliances
  22. 2011 nr.284

    Vonkova, H. The use of subjective survey data
  23. 2011 nr.283

    Galama, T.J. A theory of socioeconomic disparities in health
  24. 2011 nr.282

    van der Heijden, T.G.E. Duration models, heterogeneous beliefs, and optimal trading
  25. 2011 nr.281

    Knaup, M. Market-based measures of bank risk and bank aggressiveness
  26. 2011 nr.280

    Muris, C.H.M. Panel data econometrics and climate change
  27. 2011 nr.279

    Pieterse-Bloem, M. The effect of Emu on bond market integration and investor portfolio allocations
  28. 2011 nr.278

    Muhren, W.J. Foundations of sensemaking support systems for humanitarian crisis response
  29. 2011 nr.277

    Lefebvre, J.J.G. Essays on the regulation and microsrtucture of equity markets
  30. 2011 nr.275

    Stoop, J.T.R. Laboratory and field experiments on social dilemmas
  31. 2011 nr.274

    Elahi, M.A. Essays on financial fragility
  32. 2011 nr.273

    Raassens, N. The performance implications of outsourcing
  33. 2011 nr.272

    Kalayci, K. Essays in behavioral industrial organization
  34. 2011 nr.271

    Dobre, C. Semidefinite programming approaches for structured combinatorial optimization problems
  35. 2011 nr.270

    Stevens, R.S.P. Longevity risk in life insurance products