CentER PhD theses 2012

This is an overview of all CentER PhD theses of 2012.

All CentER PhD theses

Copies can be ordered from the author, via the CentER Graduate Office.

  1. 2012 nr.339

    Zheng, J. Essays on pensions, health expectancy and credit insurance
  2. 2012 nr.338

    Nijskens, R.G.M. Bank risk, bailouts and ambiguity
  3. 2012 nr.337

    Becheri, I.G. Limiting experiments for panel-data and jump-diffusion models
  4. 2012 nr.336

    von Schedvin, E.L. Essays on banking, corporate bankruptcy, and corporate finance
  5. 2012 nr.335

    Yabar, J. Wait, bond, and buy
  6. 2012 nr.334

    Voeten, J.J. Understanding responsible innovation in small producers’ clusters in Northern Vietnam
  7. 2012 nr.332

    Kratz, B. A model and language for business-aware transactions
  8. 2012 nr.331

    Pluyter, J.R. Designing immersive surgical training against information technology-related overload in the operating room
  9. 2012 nr.330

    Ozbugday, F.C. Empirical essays on ex post evaluations of competition and regulatory authorities decisions and policy reforms
  10. 2012 nr.329

    Cai, J. Estimation concerning risk under extreme value conditions
  11. 2012 nr.328

    Elsen, M. Thin and thicker slices
  12. 2012 nr.327

    Vroegrijk, M.J.J. "Smart shopping"
  13. 2012 nr.326

    Hullegie, P.G.J. Essays on health and labor economics
  14. 2012 nr.325

    Kantarci, T. Essays on partial retirement
  15. 2012 nr.324

    Qian, Z. Essays on globalization, monetary policy and financial crisis'
  16. 2012 nr.323

    Fedotenkov, I. Pensions and ageing in a globalizing world. International spillover effects via trade and factor mobility
  17. 2012 nr.322

    Poghosyan, K. Structural and reduced-form modeling and forecasting with application to Armenia
  18. 2012 nr.321

    Guo, J. Quantitative investment strategies and portfolio management
  19. 2012 nr.320

    Spanjers, R. Be patient
  20. 2012 nr.319

    van Amelsfoort, I.Q.H. Firm decisions and market responses
  21. 2012 nr.318

    Geiler, P.H.M. Essays on executive remuneration contracting
  22. 2012 nr.317

    Cziraki, P. Insider trading, shareholder activism, and corporate policies
  23. 2012 nr.316

    Schottmuller, C. Essays in microeconomic theory
  24. 2012 nr.315

    Douhou, S. Essays on (small) crime
  25. 2012 nr.314

    Hollanders, D.A. The effect of aging on pensions
  26. 2012 nr.313

    El Gammal, A.F.S.A. Towards a comprehensive framework for business process compliance
  27. 2012 nr.312

    Glen, J. Essays examining aspects of the UK residential property market
  28. 2012 nr.311

    Maasland, E. Essays in auction theory
  29. 2012 nr.310

    Ter Braak, A.M. A new era in retail
  30. 2012 nr.309

    Saha, U.R. Econometric models of child mortality dynamics in rural Bangladesh
  31. 2012 nr.308

    Bissonnette, L. Essays on subjective expectations and stated preferences
  32. 2012 nr.307

    Tan, F. Behavioral heterogeneity in economic institutions
  33. 2012 nr.305

    Lohmann, E.R.M.A. Joint decision making and cooperative solutions