CentER PhD theses 2015

This is an overview of all CentER PhD theses of 2015.

All CentER PhD theses

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  1. 2015 nr.463

    Nazliben, Kamil Essays on asset pricing
  2. 2015 nr.462

    Wang, Ruixin Essays on development economics and public economics
  3. 2015 nr.461

    van Bilsen, Servaas Essays on intertemporal consumption and portfolio choice
  4. 2015 nr.460

    Schäfer, Larissa Essays in banking and international finance
  5. 2015 nr.459

    Horváth, Bálint Essays in financial stability and public policy
  6. 2015 nr.458

    Guyt, Jonne Consumer choice models on the effect of promotions in retailing
  7. 2015 nr.457

    Gong, Di Essays on banking and financial innovation
  8. 2015 nr.456

    de Bruijne, M.A. Designing web surveys for the multi-device internet
  9. 2015 nr.455

    Hoseini, Mohammad Essays in development economics and public finance
  10. 2015 nr.454

    Sarisoy, Cisil Efficiency gains, bounds, and risk in finance
  11. 2015 nr.453

    Nagore Garcia, Amparo Essays on employment and unemployment transitions
  12. 2015 nr.452

    Koç, Emre Rationality, decision flexibility and pensions
  13. 2015 nr.451

    Madureira Simaens, Ana Responding to complexity
  14. 2015 nr.450

    Bai, Y. Essays in empirical banking
  15. 2015 nr.449

    Mancioppi, M. 'Correction of unrealizable service choreographies’
  16. 2015 nr.448

    Gan, Zhuojiong Three essays in econometric theory
  17. 2015 nr.447

    van Hugten, Joeri Essays on diffusion and categories
  18. 2015 nr.446

    de Groot, Therèse Accounting choices of controllers
  19. 2015 nr.445

    Palali, Ali Essays in health economics and labor economics
  20. 2015 nr.444

    Kabátek, Jan Essays on public policy and household decision making
  21. 2015 nr.443

    Huang, Yufeng Empirical analysis of consumer behavior
  22. 2015 nr.442

    Liang, Hao Finance and society
  23. 2015 nr.441

    Li, Hong Managing longevity risk
  24. 2015 nr.439

    Sun, Zhao Polynomial optimization
  25. 2015 nr.438

    Grundel, S. Essays on cooperation in resource allocation and scheduling
  26. 2015 nr.437

    Djordjevic, Ljubica Essays in household finance
  27. 2015 nr.436

    Nazar van Doornik, B.F. Essays on the behavior of foreign banks in Brazil
  28. 2015 nr.435

    Meuffels, W.J.M. The design of road and air networks for express service providers
  29. 2015 nr.434

    Hung, Chung-yu Heterogeneous agents and decison making within firms
  30. 2015 nr.433

    Jiang, T. Social preferences, culture and corruption
  31. 2015 nr.432

    Mehdad, E. Kriging metamodels and global opimization in simulation
  32. 2015 nr.431

    van Boxtel, A.A. Essays on competition in banking
  33. 2015 nr.430

    Ismayilov, H. Essays on promises, trust and disclosure
  34. 2015 nr.429

    León, C. Financial stability from a network perspective
  35. 2015 nr.428

    Suzuki, T. Solutions for cooperative games with and without transferable utility
  36. 2015 nr.427

    Vermeer, C.A.F. Non-financial determinants of the retirement age
  37. 2015 nr.426

    Bukhsh, F.A. Smart auditing
  38. 2015 nr.425

    Janssen, W.H.P. Essays in financial reporting, tax, and politics
  39. 2015 nr.424

    Stentella Lopes, F.S. Bank performance and corporate culture
  40. 2015 nr.423

    Kavusan, K. Essays on capability development through alliances
  41. Spectral characterizations of graphs

    Abiad Monge, Aida