CentER PhD theses 2016

This is an overview of all CentER PhD theses of 2016.

All CentER PhD theses

Copies can be ordered from the author, via the CentER Graduate Office.

  1. 2016 nr.500

    Bao, Hailong Multi-period risk sharing under financial fairness
  2. 2016 nr.499

    Motavasseli, Ali Essays in environmental policy and household economics
  3. 2016 nr.498

    Wang, Yan The bridge of dreams:
  4. 2016 nr.497

    Ali, Irfan The impact of ERP implementation on the financial performance of the firm
  5. 2016 nr.496

    Lang, Xu Essays in microeconomic theory
  6. 2016 nr.495

    Seminaroti, Matteo Combinatorial algorithms for the seriation problem
  7. 2016 nr.494

    de Valk, Cees A large deviations approach to the statistics of extreme events
  8. 2016 nr.493

    Faelten, A.I. Essays on mergers and acquisitions
  9. 2016 nr.492

    Jahan Dideh, Mahsa Essays on public economics
  10. 2016 nr.490

    He, Yi Multivariate extreme value statistics for risk assessment
  11. 2016 nr.489

    Aga, Deribe Assefa Factors affecting the success of development projects
  12. 2016 nr.488

    Hubner, Stefan Topics in nonparametric identification and estimation
  13. 2016 nr.487

    Simon, Zorka Essays on sovereign bond pricing and inflation-linked products
  14. 2016 nr.486

    Olivos Rossini, L.M. Internationalization at home
  15. 2016 nr.484

    Rademaker, Linda Failing to prepare, preparing to fail?
  16. 2016 nr.483

    Aranda Gutierrez, Ana Thank you for (not) smoking
  17. 2016 nr.482

    Rothengatter, Marloes Insights in cognitive patterns
  18. 2016 nr.481

    Lavrutich, Maria Strategic real options
  19. 2016 nr.480

    Dillingh, Rik Empirical essays on behavioral economics and lifecycle decisions
  20. 2016 nr.479

    Kempf, Elisabeth Essays in corporate finance and financial intermediation
  21. 2016 nr.478

    Tuijp, Patrick The pricing of illiquidity and illiquid assets
  22. 2016 nr.477

    Seres, Gyula Essays on bid rigging
  23. 2016 nr.476

    Jia, Xue On the role of information disclosures in capital markets
  24. 2016 nr.475

    David, Geraldine Art as an investment in a historical perspective
  25. 2016 nr.473

    Henze, B. Laboratory experiments on the regulation of European network industries
  26. 2016 nr.472

    Rodriguez Acosta, Mauricio Essays in political economy and resource economic
  27. 2016 nr.471

    Xing, Ran The liquidity management of institutional investors and the pricing of liquidity risk
  28. 2016 nr.470

    Huijink, Sybren Cooperation
  29. 2016 nr.468

    Morales Acevedo, Paola Essays on banking
  30. 2016 nr.467

    Niemöller, Jörg Aspect oriented service composition for telecommunication applications
  31. 2016 nr.466

    Dumas, Jean-Malik Essays in behavioral strategy
  32. 2016 nr.465

    Li, Zhengyu Essays on knowledge sourcing and technological capability
  33. 2016 nr.464

    Aydin, Erdal Energy conservation in the residential sector