CentER PhD theses 2019

This is an overview of all CentER PhD theses of 2019.

All CentER PhD theses

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  1. 2019 nr.616

    Martinovici, A. Revealing attention - how eye movements predict brand choice and moment of choice
  2. 2019 nr.615

    Böni, Pascal On the pricing, wealth effects and return of private market debt
  3. 2019 nr.614

    Brok, Peter Essays on corporate finance and corporate taxation
  4. 2019 nr.613

    de Groot, Harmke Core strength or Achilles’ heel
  5. 2019 nr.612

    Sandoval Moreno, Carlos Three essays on poverty measurement and risk protection
  6. 2019 nr.611

    van Hulten, Mart Aiming for well-being through taxation
  7. 2019 nr.610

    Dewan, Yasir Corporate crime and punishment
  8. 2019 nr.609

    Fang, F. When performance shortfall arises, contract or trust? A multi-method study of the impact of contractual and relational governances on performance in public – private partnerships
  9. 2019 nr.608

    Triepels, Ron Anomaly detection in the shipping and banking industry
  10. 2019 nr.607

    Mason, Richard Digital enrollment architecture and retirement savings decisions: Evidence from the field
  11. 2019 nr.606

    van Geesbergen, Ad Duurzame schaarste
  12. 2019 nr.605

    Neszveda, G. Essays on behavioral finance
  13. 2019 nr.604

    Hébert, Camille Essays on corporate ownership and human capital
  14. 2019 nr.603

    Gribling, Sander Applications of optimization to factorization ranks and quantum information theory
  15. 2019 nr.602

    Kuryatnikova, Olga The many faces of positivity to approximate structured optimization problems
  16. 2019 nr.601

    Schmitz, Emerson Essays on banking and international trade
  17. 2019 nr.600

    Hu, Hao The quadratic shortest path problem
  18. 2019 nr.599

    Hundera, Mulu Role conflict, coping strategies and female entrepreneurial success in sub-Saharan Africa
  19. 2019 nr.598

    Gans, Ben Stabilisation operations as complex systems - order and chaos in the interoperability continuum
  20. 2019 nr.597

    Chen, Shuai Marriage, minorities, and mass movements
  21. 2019 nr.596

    van Pelt, Victor A dynamic view of management accounting systems
  22. 2019 nr.595

    Ma, X. Essays on alternative investments
  23. 2019 nr.594

    Sarmiento Paipilla, Miguel Essays on banking, financial intermediation and financial markets
  24. 2019 nr.593

    Bekjarovski, Filip Active investing
  25. 2019 nr.592

    Gebreselassie, Andinet Worku On communicating about taboo social issues in least developed countries
  26. 2019 nr.591

    Wandhöfer, Ruth Technology innovation in financial markets
  27. 2019 nr.590

    Neretina, Ekaterina Essays in corporate finance, political economy, and competition
  28. 2019 nr.589

    Wang, Yusiyu Regulation, protest, and spatial economics
  29. 2019 nr.588

    de Kok, Ties Essays on reporting and information processing
  30. 2019 nr.587

    Nguyen, Yen Emotions and strategic interactions
  31. 2019 nr.586

    Sadikoglu, Serhan Essays in econometric theory
  32. 2019 nr.584

    Martinez Martin, Daniel Unpacking product modularity. Innovation in R&D Teams
  33. 2019 nr.583

    Yu, Yifan Essays on mixed hitting time models
  34. 2019 nr.582

    Zabara, Tatiana Evolution of entrepreneurial teams in technology-based new ventures
  35. 2019 nr.581

    Zheng, Kun Essays on duration analysis and labour economics
  36. 2019 nr.580

    Altangerel, Khulan Essays on immigration policy