TiSEM - Tilburg School of Economics and Management

TiSEM Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) of Tilburg University is a permanent and independent committee, established by TiSEM’s management team.

The IRB reviews all research that falls within the IRB scope and that is to be conducted by:

January 2020

  • Research Master students at TiSEM under the supervision of a faculty member or a PhD candidate at TiSEM
  • TiSEM PhD candidates

September 2020

  • faculty at TiSEM
  • Master's students at TiSEM : research done by Master's students that may be used by faculty or PhD candidates for future publication requires IRB approval.  Application for IRB approval is done by the faculty member or PhD candidate in question.

Proposed research can be conducted after having received IRB approval.

The IRB cannot provide post-hoc approval after research has started or has been completed.

Mission and guiding principles

The TiSEM Institutional Review Board is a permanent and independent committee, established by TiSEM’s management team. The IRB evaluates research proposals to be conducted by TiSEM faculty, PhD candidates, and Research Master students.  Research proposals are evaluated on ethics of data collection and data management, including participant privacy protection, and the quality of data management, including data accessibility. The IRB does not do post hoc evaluation of research that has been conducted.

The TiSEM IRB aims to sustain and improve the quality of research at TiSEM; for

A. Research participants:  by protecting their privacy and preventing them from physical, psychological or other harm.

B. Institution and Society:  by supporting and facilitating the integrity and transparency of data collection and management as well as the accessibility of research data and results.

C. Researchers:  by supporting, informing, and helping researchers to conform to the IRB aims and procedures while keeping their workload at a minimum. 

Research proposals are evaluated on:

1. Ethics of data collection

  • Fully inform participants about the data collection procedure and the intended use of their personal data.
  • Obtain informed consent from participants before starting data collection.
  • Prevent as much as possible any physical and/or psychological harm or strain to participants from data collection.
  • Assess whether and to what extent you have achieved this goal.
  • Take immediate remedial action to solve any problems that have arisen due to or during data collection

2. Data management and GDPR

  • Transparency in data management by documenting which data are stored where and how and who has access to this.
  • Privacy protection of the participants.
  • Accessibility of data and procedures to contribute to the replicability and reproducibility of research results.

IRB committee

The committee consists of representatives from different departments in TiSEM:

More information in the IRB Regulations and the IRB Operating procedure.