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TiSEM IRB Information for Researchers

Do I need IRB approval?

All research with data relating to living human subjects or groups of human living subjects conducted by TiSEM faculty, TiSEM PhD candidates, and TiSEM Research Master students (from now on called researchers) need IRB approval except 1) research using anonymized existing data or 2) research using pseudonymized, existing data for which the key to link the data to living human subjects or groups is not available in the research team. This also holds when research is carried out in collaboration with organizations other than Tilburg University.

For details on whether you need TiSEM IRB approval and what to submit see decision criteria.

Flowchart ‘Do I need IRB approval’  

How do I apply for IRB approval?

Individual TiSEM researchers can submit the following types of application:

  1. An application for approval of a new individual research project,
  2. An amendment or a renewal of an approved application that has no increased risk for the participants compared to the original application,
  3. An application approved by another accredited IRB on data collection, data management, and the GDPR,
  4. An application for research as part of a Standard Research Protocol (SRP).

Follow the procedure below

Submit the application when the research protocol has sufficient detail to be reviewed. Research needs IRB approval before data collection starts.

Applicants receive a confirmation of receipt upon submission and an IRB submission number. Use the IRB number in any further communication with the IRB.

Download submission form

Download submission guide

What is the review procedure?

Review Procedure
Appeal and Complaint Procedure

Standard Research Protocol (SRP)

What is a Standard Research Protocol?
How to submit an application for research within an SRP?
SRP-1: Incentivized experiments in economics and business
SRP-2: Studies on judgment and decision making
How do I obtain IRB approval for an SRP?

Compliance with IRB principles

It is the responsibility of individual researchers:

  • To obtain IRB approval before conducting research that falls within the scope of the IRB.
  • To provide correct and complete information about the planned research to the IRB with the purpose of obtaining approval.
  • To start the research only after having obtained IRB approval.
  • To only deviate from an approved research proposal after having obtained permission of the IRB for this.
  • To discuss own or another researcher’s noncompliance with these principles with the Tilburg University confidential advisor on academic integrity and/or to report the issue to the Tilburg University Committee for Scientific Integrity.

Investigating non-compliance with the IRB principles by researchers is not within the scope of the IRB.

For more information: Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.

Instruction and training

First training session TiSEM IRB (January 2020)
Second training session TiSEM IRB (August 2020)

Questions and Answers

Here are answers to common questions that researchers may have about applications for approval by the IRB TiSEM. 

Questions and Answers