CentERlab - workplace


TISEM's facility for experiments in economics and business at Tilburg University

CentERlab - workplace

CentERlab is TiSEM's facility for conducting economic and business experiments. It is a cross-disciplinary laboratory that explores a broad range of research questions on behavioral decision making in business and economics and is open to researchers affiliated with TiSEM.

CentERlab consists of three labs dedicated to research.
Lab 1 has 65 partitioned workstations and can be separated into sections 1A and 1B. Lab 1A has 40 workstations and Lab 1B has 25 workstations. Lab 2 has 10 individual, fully closed-off and sound-proof cubicles, of which four have a Tobii eyetracker. Lab 3 is a group room, suitable for qualitative interviews, negotiation studies, group tasks and more.

CentERlab - workplace

CentERlab also maintains an online subject recruitment system, mostly targeted at the student population of Tilburg University, and has specialized hardware and software available.


CentERlab is located in the East section of the basement of the Koopmans building at Tilburg University. 

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