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TISEM issues several publications each year of a scientific or more general nature. Some of these publications are brought together in the CentER Discussion Paper Series and Dissertation Series. Further TISEM mainly strives to publish in top journals. You can find the most recent publications in Top Publications.


To classify as a top publication TISEM has compiled a list of journals it considers as top core journals, top journals and very good journals. This list can be viewed in Top Journals. TISEM Faculty members can be part of editorial teams of journals. You can find who-is-where in Editorial Boards.

  • Discussion papers
    The CentER Discussion Paper Series presents working papers of our faculty members that have been refereed internally. All papers as of 2013 can be found here.
  • Dissertation series
    All PhD students that graduate in our Graduate School may publish their dissertation in the CentER Dissertation Series. Here you can find the PhD theses as from the year 1995.
  • Top publications
    You can find our Top Publications in our Research Portal.
  • Top journals
    This is the TISEM list of top-core journals, top journals and very good journals.
  • Editorial boards
    Find out which TISEM member is on the editorial boards of which journal.