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CentER Discussion Papers 2013

  1. 2013 nr.077

    Schaeck, K., Silva Buston, C.F., & Wagner, W.B. The Two Faces of Interbank Correlation
  2. 2013 nr.076

    Horvath, B.L. The impact of Taxation on Bank Leverage and Asset Risk
  3. 2013 nr.075

    Augsburg, B., de Haas, R., Harmgart, H., & Meghir, C. Microfinance and Poverty Alleviation
  4. 2013 nr.074

    Attanasio, O.P., Augsburg, B., de Haas, R., Fitzsimons, E., & Harmgart, H. Group Lending or Individual Lending? Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment in Rural Mongolia
  5. 2013 nr.073

    Brown, M., de Haas, R., & Sokolov, V. Regional Inflation and Financial Dollarization
  6. 2013 nr.072

    Piolatto, A., & Schuett, F. Media Competition and Electoral Politics
  7. 2013 nr.071

    Liang, H., & Renneboog, L.D.R. The Foundations of Corporate Social Responsibility (replaced by CentER DP 2014-069)
  8. 2013 nr.070

    Grundel, S., Borm, P.E.M., & Hamers, H.J.M. Resource Allocation Problems with Concave Reward Functions
  9. 2013 nr.069

    Tejada, J., Borm, P.E.M., & Lohmann, E.R.M.A. A Unifying Model for Matching Situations
  10. 2013 nr.068

    Silva Buston, C.F. Active Risk Management and Banking Stability
  11. 2013 nr.067

    Gong, D., & Ligthart, J.E. Does Corporate Income Taxation Affect Securitization? Evidence from OECD Banks
  12. 2013 nr.066

    Stenzel, A., & Wagner, W.B. Asset Opacity and Liquidity
  13. 2013 nr.065

    Gorissen, B.L., Yanikoglu, I., & den Hertog, D. Hints for practical robust optimization
  14. 2013 nr.064

    Kleijnen, Jack P.C. Simulation-Optimization via Kriging and Bootstrapping
  15. 2013 nr.063

    Dräger, L., Lamla, M.J., & Pfajfar, D. Are Consumer Expectations Theory-Consistent? The Role of Macroeconomic Determinants and Central Bank Communication
  16. 2013 nr.062

    Cizek, P., & Lei, J. Identification and Estimation of Nonseparable Single-Index Models in Panel Data with Correlated Random Effects
  17. 2013 nr.061

    Lei, J. Smoothed Spatial Maximum Score Estimation of Spatial Autoregressive Binary Choice Panel Models
  18. 2013 nr.060

    Graafland, J.J., & Smid, H. Competition, Time Horizon and Corporate Social Performance
  19. 2013 nr.059

    Huijink, S., Borm, P.E.M., Reijnierse, J.H., & Kleppe, J. Bankruptcy and the Per Capita Nucleolus
  20. 2013 nr.058

    Ohinata, A., & van Ours, J.C. Spillover Effects of Studying with Immigrant Students
  21. 2013 nr.057

    Blanco, M., Dalton, P.S., & Vargas, J.F. Does the Unemployement Benefit Institution Affect the Productivity of Workers? Evidence from a Field Experiment
  22. 2013 nr.056

    Renneboog, L.D.R., & Zhao, Y. Director Networks and Takeovers
  23. 2013 nr.055

    Mao, Y., & Renneboog, L.D.R. Do Managers Manipulate Earnings Prior to Management Buyouts?
  24. 2013 nr.054

    Anginer, D., Demirgüc-Kunt, A., Huizinga, H.P., & Ma, K. How does Corporate Governance Affect Bank Capitalization Strategies?
  25. 2013 nr.053

    Beck, T.H.L., Lu, L., & Yang, R. Finance and Growth for Microenterprises
  26. 2013 nr.052

    Filistrucchi, L., & Prüfer, J. Faithful Strategies
  27. 2013 nr.051

    Wang, R., Zhou, Y., & Bulte, E.H. A Portfolio Approach to Mortality Shocks and Fertility Choice
  28. 2013 nr.050

    Engwerda, J.C. A Numerical Algorithm to find All Scalar Feedback Nash Equilibria
  29. 2013 nr.049

    Cervený, J., & van Ours, J.C. Unemployment of Non-western Immigrants in the Great Recession
  30. 2013 nr.048

    Palali, A., & van Ours, J.C. Distance to Cannabis-Shops and Age of Onset of Cannabis Use
  31. 2013 nr.047

    Eijffinger, S.C.W., Mahieu, R.J., & Raes, L.B.D. Estimating the Preferences of Central Bankers
  32. 2013 nr.046

    Degryse, H.A., Lambert, T., & Schwienbacher, A. The Political Economy of Financial Systems
  33. 2013 nr.045

    Gürkan, G., Ozdemir, O., & Smeers, Y. Generation Capacity Investments in Electricity Markets
  34. 2013 nr.044

    Gürkan, G., Ozdemir, O., & Smeers, Y. Strategic Generation Capacity Choice under Demand Uncertainty
  35. 2013 nr.043

    Adema, Y., Bonenkamp, J., & Meijdam, A.C. Flexible Pension Take-up in Social Security
  36. 2013 nr.042

    Giusti, G., Noussair, C.N., & Voth, H-J. Recreating the South Sea Bubble
  37. 2013 nr.041

    Nguyen, Y., & Noussair, C.N. Risk Aversion and Emotions
  38. 2013 nr.040

    Ongena, S., Peydro, J.L., & van Horen, N. Shocks Abroad, Pain at Home? Bank-firm Level Evidence on the International Transmission of Financial Shocks
  39. 2013 nr.039

    Norde, H.W. The Degree and Cost Adjusted Folk Solution for Minimum Cost Spanning Tree Games
  40. 2013 nr.038

    Mehdad, E., & Kleijnen, Jack P.C. Bootstrapping and Conditional Simulation in Kriging
  41. 2013 nr.037

    Dur, R., & Vollaard, B.A. The Power of a Bad Example – A Field Experiment in Household Garbage Disposal (Revision of CentER DP 2013-018)
  42. 2013 nr.036

    Hoseini, M. How to Enforce Value-Added Tax? The Role of Inter-Sectoral Linkages
  43. 2013 nr.035

    Pikulina, E.S., Renneboog, L.D.R., Ter Horst, J.R., & Tobler, P.N. Overconfidence, Effort, and Investment (Replaced by CentER DP 2014-039)
  44. 2013 nr.034

    Degryse, H.A., Lu, L., & Ongena, S. Informal or Formal Financing? Or Both? First Evidence on the Co-Funding of Chinese Firms
  45. 2013 nr.033

    Groote Schaarsberg, M., Reijnierse, J.H., & Borm, P.E.M. On Solving Liability Problems
  46. 2013 nr.032

    Klein, T.J., Lambertz, C., & Stahl, K. Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard in Anonymous Markets
  47. 2013 nr.031

    Breaban, A., & Noussair, C.N. Emotional state and Market Behavior
  48. 2013 nr.030

    Pikulina, E.S., Renneboog, L.D.R., Ter Horst, J.R., & Tobler, P.N. Bonus Schemes and Trading Activity
  49. 2013 nr.029

    Kalb, G., & van Ours, J.C. Reading to Young Children
  50. 2013 nr.028

    Hullegie, P.G.J., & van Ours, J.C. Seek and Ye shall Find
  51. 2013 nr.026

    van Dalen, H.P., & Henkens, K. Dilemmas Of Downsizing During the Great Recession
  52. 2013 nr.025

    Renneboog, L.D.R. The Returns on Investment Grade Diamonds
  53. 2013 nr.024

    Eijffinger, S.C.W., Mahieu, R.J., & Raes, L.B.D. Inferring Hawks and Doves from Voting Records
  54. 2013 nr.022

    Yanikoglu, I., den Hertog, D., & Kleijnen, Jack P.C. Adjustable Robust Parameter Design with Unknown Distributions
  55. 2013 nr.021

    Ligthart, J.E., Rider, M., & Wang, R. Does the Fiscal Decentralization Promote Public Safety? Evidence from United States
  56. 2013 nr.020

    Noussair, C.N., & Tucker, S. Experimental Research On Asset Pricing
  57. 2013 nr.019

    Kabatek, J. Iteration Capping For Discrete Choice Models Using the EM Algorithm
  58. 2013 nr.018

    Dur, R., & Vollaard, B.A. The Power of a Bad Example – A Field Experiment in Household Garbage Disposal (Revision of CentER DP 2012-054, Replaced by CentER DP 2013-037)
  59. 2013 nr.017

    Becheri, I.G., Drost, F.C., & van den Akker, R. Asymptotically UMP Panel Unit Root Tests
  60. 2013 nr.016

    Gurkan, G., & Langestraat, R. Modeling And Analysis Of Renewable Energy Obligations And Technology Bandings In the UK Electricity Market
  61. 2013 nr.015

    Gurkan, G., Langestraat, R., & Ozdemir, O. Introducing CO2 Allowances, Higher Prices For All Consumers; Higher Revenues For Whom?
  62. 2013 nr.014

    Michielsen, T.O. Strategic Resource Extraction And Substitute Development
  63. 2013 nr.013

    Michielsen, T.O. Environmental Catastrophes Under Time-inconsistent Preferences
  64. 2013 nr.012

    Koshevoy, G.A., Suzuki, T., & Talman, A.J.J. Solutions For Games With General Coalitional Structure And Choice Sets
  65. 2013 nr.011

    Meijdam, A.C., & Ponds, E.H.M. On the Optimal Degree Of Funding Of Public Sector Pension Plans
  66. 2013 nr.010

    Goderis, B.V.G., & Versteeg, M. The Transnational Origins of Constituions
  67. 2013 nr.009

    Shi, W., Kleijnen, Jack P.C., & Liu, Zhixue Factor Screening For Simulation With Multiple Responses
  68. 2013 nr.008

    Andersson, T., Gudmundsson, J., Talman, A.J.J., & Yang, Z. A Competitive Partnership Formation Process
  69. 2013 nr.007

    Kleppe, J., Reijnierse, J.H., & Sudhölter, P. Axiomatizations Of Symmetrically Weighted Solutions
  70. 2013 nr.006

    Hamers, H.J.M., & Josune Albizuri, M. Graphs Inducing Totally Balanced and Submodular Chinese Postman Games
  71. 2013 nr.005

    Platz, T.T., & Hamers, H.J.M. On Games Arising From Multi-Depot Chinese Postman Problems
  72. 2013 nr.004

    van Ours, J.C., & Vollaard, B.A. The Engine Immobilizer
  73. 2013 nr.003

    Huisman, K.J.M., & Kort, P.M. Strategic Capacity Investment Under uncertainty
  74. 2013 nr.002

    Selcuk, O., & Talman, A.J.J. Games With General Coalitional Structure
  75. 2013 nr.001

    van den Brink, R., Herings, P.J.J., van der Laan, G., & Talman, A.J.J. The Average Tree Permission Value for Games with a Permission Tree