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CentER Discussion Papers 2014

  1. 2014 nr.2014

    Gong, D. Bank Systemic Risk-Taking and Loan Pricing
  2. 2014 nr.079

    Manjing, Tham, Bukhsh, F.A., & Weigand, H. Adaptation
  3. 2014 nr.078

    Argenton, C., & van Damme, E.E.C. Optimal Deterrence of Illegal Behavior Under Imperfect Corporate Governance
  4. 2014 nr.077

    van Damme, E.E.C. Non-Cooperative Games
  5. 2014 nr.076

    Mehdad, E., & Kleijnen, Jack P.C. Classic Kriging versus Kriging with Bootstrapping or Conditional Simulation
  6. 2014 nr.075

    Carli, Francesco, & Uras, R.B. Optimal Joint Liability Lending and with Costly Peer Monitoring
  7. 2014 nr.074

    Uras, R.B., & Wang, P. Techniques Choice, Misallocation and Total Factor Productivity
  8. 2014 nr.073

    Prüfer, J.O. Trusting Privacy in the Cloud
  9. 2014 nr.072

    Salm, M., & Vollaard, B.A. Individual Perceptions of Local Crime Risk
  10. 2014 nr.071

    Larrain Aylwin, M.J., & Prüfer, J.O. Business Associations, Lobbying, and Endogenous Institutions
  11. 2014 nr.070

    Musegaas, M., Borm, P.E.M., & Quant, M. Step out - Step in Sequencing Games
  12. 2014 nr.069

    Liang, H., & Renneboog, L.D.R. Finance and Society:
  13. 2014 nr.068

    Penasse, J.N.G., & Renneboog, L.D.R. Bubbles and Trading Frenzies
  14. 2014 nr.067

    Koshevoy, G.A., Suzuki, T., & Talman, A.J.J. Supermodular NTU-games
  15. 2014 nr.066

    Boone, J. Fee-for-service, Capitation and Health Provider Choice with Private Contracts
  16. 2014 nr.065

    Boone, J. Basic versus Supplementary Health Insurance
  17. 2014 nr.064

    Khmelnitskaya, A., Selçuk, O., & Talman, A.J.J. The Shapley Value for Directed Graph Games
  18. 2014 nr.063

    Mehdad, E., & Kleijnen, Jack P.C. Global Optimization for Black-box Simulation via Sequential Intrinsic Kriging
  19. 2014 nr.062

    Huijink, S., Kant, G., & Peeters, M.J.P. An Adaptable Variable Neighborhood Search for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Order Outsourcing
  20. 2014 nr.061

    Hoseini, M. Misreporting in the Value-Added Tax and the Optimal Enforcement
  21. 2014 nr.060

    Cizek, P., & Sadikoglu, S. Bias-Corrected Quantile Regression Estimation of Censored Regression Models
  22. 2014 nr.059

    Boone, J. Basic Versus Supplementary Health Insurance
  23. 2014 nr.058

    van Ours, J.C., & van Tuijl, M.A. In-Season Head-Coach Dismissals and the Performance of Professional Football Teams
  24. 2014 nr.057

    Leon Rincon, C.E., Berndsen, R.J., & Renneboog, L.D.R. Financial Stability and Interacting Networks of Financial Institutions and Market Infrastructures
  25. 2014 nr.056

    Postek, K.S., & den Hertog, D. Multi-stage Adjustable Robust Mixed-Integer Optimization via Iterative Splitting of the Uncertainty set
  26. 2014 nr.055

    Boone, J., & Douven, R.C.M.H. Provider Competition and Over-Utilization in Health Care
  27. 2014 nr.054

    Mehdad, E., & Kleijnen, Jack P.C. Stochastic Intrinsic Kriging for Simulation Metamodelling
  28. 2014 nr.053

    Anginer, D., Demirguc-Kunt, Asli, Huizinga, H.P., & Ma, K. Corporate Governance and Bank Insolvency Risk
  29. 2014 nr.052

    Beck, T.H.L., & Hoseini, M. Informality and Access to Finance
  30. 2014 nr.051

    Noussair, C.N., Tucker, S., & Xu, Yilong A Future Market Reduces Bubbles but Allows Greater Profit for More Sophisticated Traders
  31. 2014 nr.050

    Beck, T.H.L., Pamuk, H., & Uras, R.B. Entrepreneurial Saving Practices and Reinvestment
  32. 2014 nr.049

    Geiler, P.H.M., & Renneboog, L.D.R. Taxes, Earnings Payout, and Payout Channel Choice
  33. 2014 nr.045

    Uras, R.B., & Elgin, C. Homeownership, Informality and the Transmission of Monetary Policy
  34. 2014 nr.044

    Uras, R.B. Financial Development, Long-Term Finance and the Macroeconomy
  35. 2014 nr.043

    Renneboog, L.D.R., Liang, H., & Ferrell, A. Socially Responsible Firms
  36. 2014 nr.042

    Beck, T.H.L., Degryse, H.A., de Haas, R., & van Horen, N. When Arm’s Length is Too Far
  37. 2014 nr.041

    Can, S.U., Einmahl, J.H.J., Khmaladze, E.V., & Laeven, R.J.A. Asymptotically Distribution-Free Goodness-of-Fit Testing for Tail Copulas
  38. 2014 nr.039

    Pikulina, E.S., Renneboog, L.D.R., & Tobler, P.N. Overconfidence, Effort, and Investment (Revised version of CentER DP 2013-035)
  39. 2014 nr.038

    Behringer, S., & Filistrucchi, L. Areeda-Turner in Two-Sided Markets
  40. 2014 nr.037

    Leon Rincon, C.E., Machado, C., & Sarmiento, M. Identifying Central Bank Liquidity Super-Spreaders in Interbank Funds Networks (Replaced by CentER DP 2014-047)
  41. 2014 nr.036

    Okullo, S.J., Reynes, F., & Hofkes, M.W. Modeling Peak Oil and the Geological Constraints on Oil Production
  42. 2014 nr.035

    He, Y., & Einmahl, J.H.J. Estimation of Extreme Depth-Based Quantile Regions
  43. 2014 nr.034

    Noussair, C.N., & Xu, Yilong Information Mirages and Financial Contagion in Asset Market Experiment
  44. 2014 nr.033

    Dixon, R., Lim, G.C., & van Ours, J.C. The Effect of Shocks to Labour Market Flows on Unemployment and Participation Rates
  45. 2014 nr.032

    Geiler, P.H.M., & Renneboog, L.D.R. Executive Remuneration and the Payout Decision
  46. 2014 nr.031

    Postek, K.S., den Hertog, D., & Melenberg, B. Tractable Counterparts of Distributionally Robust Constraints on Risk Measures
  47. 2014 nr.030

    Knoef, M.G., & van Ours, J.C. How to Stimulate Single Mothers on Welfare to Find a Job
  48. 2014 nr.029

    Ehrmann, M., Pfajfar, D., & Santoro, E. Consumer Attitudes and the Epidemiology of Inflation Expectations
  49. 2014 nr.028

    Husslage, B.G.M., Borm, P.E.M., Burg, T., Hamers, H.J.M., & Lindelauf, R. Ranking Terrorists in Networks
  50. 2014 nr.027

    Palali, A., & van Ours, J.C. Cannabis Use and Support for Cannabis Legalization
  51. 2014 nr.026

    Nagore Garcia, A., & van Soest, A.H.O. Unemployment Transitions to Stable and Unstable Jobs Before and During the Crisis
  52. 2014 nr.025

    Schaumans, C.B.C. Prescribing Behavior of General Practitioners
  53. 2014 nr.024

    van Ours, J.C., & Williams, J. Cannabis Use and its Effects on Health, Education and Labor Market Success
  54. 2014 nr.023

    Liang, H., Marquis, C., Renneboog, L.D.R., & Li Sun, Sunny Speaking of Corporate Social Responsibility
  55. 2014 nr.022

    Miranda Sarmento, J., & Renneboog, L.D.R. Public-Private Partnerships
  56. 2014 nr.021

    Einmahl, J.H.J., Kiriliouk, A., Krajina, A., & Segers, J. An M-estimator of Spatial Tail Dependence
  57. 2014 nr.020

    Binswanger, J., & Oechslin, M. Disagreement and Learning About Reforms
  58. 2014 nr.019

    Peersman, G., & Wagner, W.B. Shocks to Bank Lending, Risk-Taking, Securitization, and Their Role for U.S. Business Cycle Fluctuations
  59. 2014 nr.018

    Renneboog, L.D.R., & Spaenjers, C. Investment Returns and Economic Fundamentals in International Art Markets
  60. 2014 nr.017

    Miranda Sarmento, J., & Renneboog, L.D.R. Anatomy of Public-Private Partnerships
  61. 2014 nr.016

    Da Rin, M., & Phalippou, L. There is Something Special About Large Investors
  62. 2014 nr.015

    Einmahl, J.H.J., de Haan, L.F.M., & Zhou, C. Statistics of Heteroscedastic Extremes
  63. 2014 nr.014

    Dalton, P.S., & Ghosal, S. Self-Confidence, Overconfidence and Prenatal Testorone Exposure
  64. 2014 nr.013

    Kleijnen, Jack P.C. Response Surface Methodology
  65. 2014 nr.012

    Kleijnen, Jack P.C., & Mehdad, E. Multivariate Versus Univariate Kriging Metamodels for Multi-Response Simulation Models (Revision of 2012-039)
  66. 2014 nr.011

    Bertay, A.C. The Transmission of Real Estate Shocks Through Multinational Banks
  67. 2014 nr.010

    Breaban, A.G., & Noussair, C.N. Fundamental Value Trajectories and Trader Characteristics in an Asset Market Experiment
  68. 2014 nr.009

    Sweetman, A., & van Ours, J.C. Immigration
  69. 2014 nr.008

    Abbring, J.H., Campbell, J.R., Tilly, J., & Yang, N. Very Simple Markov-Perfect Industry Dynamics
  70. 2014 nr.007

    Blouin, J., Huizinga, H.P., Laeven, L., & Nicodeme, G. Thin Capitalization Rules and Multinational Firm Capital Structure
  71. 2014 nr.006

    Ray Chaudhuri, A. Acquisitions by Multinationals and Trade Liberalization
  72. 2014 nr.005

    Miranda Sarmento, J., & Renneboog, L.D.R. The Portuguese Experience with Public-Private Partnerships
  73. 2014 nr.004

    Geiler, P.H.M., & Renneboog, L.D.R. Are Female Top Managers Really Paid Less?
  74. 2014 nr.003

    de Ruiter, F.J.C.T., Ben-Tal, A., Brekelmans, R.C.M., & den Hertog, D. Adjustable Robust Optimizations with Decision Rules Based on Inexact Revealed Data
  75. 2014 nr.002

    Stadje, M.A., & Pelsser, A. Time-Consistent and Market-Consistent Evaluations (Revised version of 2012-086)
  76. 2014 nr.001

    Noussair, C.N., & van Soest, D.P. Economic Experiments and Environmental Policy