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CentER Discussion Papers 2015

  1. 2015 nr.058

    Hoseini, Mohammad Value-Addes Tax and Shadow Economy
  2. 2015 nr.057

    Dietzenbacher, Bas, Borm, Peter, & Hendrickx, Ruud Decomposition of Network Communication Games
  3. 2015 nr.056

    Bonner, Clemens Preferential Regulatory Treatment and Banks' Demand for Government Bonds
  4. 2015 nr.055

    Prokudina, Elena, Renneboog, Luc, & Tobler, Philippe Does Confidence Predict Out-of-Domain Effort?
  5. 2015 nr.054

    Gerlagh, Reyer, & van der Heijden, Eline Going Green
  6. 2015 nr.053

    Bijlsma, M., Boone, Jan, & Zwart, G.T.J. Community Rating in Health Insurance
  7. 2015 nr.052

    Leon Rincon, C.E., Machado, C., & Sarmiento Paipilla, N.M. Identifying Central Bank Liquidity Super-Spreaders in Interbank Funds Networks
  8. 2015 nr.051

    Picchio, Matteo, & van Ours, Jan Gender and the Effect of Working Hours on Firm-Sponsored Training
  9. 2015 nr.049

    Huijink, Sybren, Kant, Goos, & Peeters, Rene Determining which Orders to Outsource in the Vehicle Routing Problem with Order Outsourcing
  10. 2015 nr.048

    Palali, Ali, & van Ours, Jan Love Conquers All but Nicotine
  11. 2015 nr.047

    Postek, K.S., den Hertog, D., & Melenberg, B. Computationally Tractable Counterparts of Distributionally Robust Constraints on Risk Measures (revision of CentER DP 2014-031)
  12. 2015 nr.046

    de Haas, Ralph, Djourelova, Milena, & Nikolova, Elena The Great Recession and Social Preferences: Evidence from Ukraine
  13. 2015 nr.044

    Zhen, Jianzhe, & den Hertog, Dick Robust Solutions for Systems of Uncertain Linear Equations
  14. 2015 nr.043

    Noussair, Charles, & Habetinova, Lenka Charitable Giving, Emotions, and the Default Effect
  15. 2015 nr.042

    Mehdad, Ehsan, & Kleijnen, J.P.C. Efficient Global Optimization for Black-Box Simulation via Sequential Intrinsic Kriging
  16. 2015 nr.041

    Kleijnen, J.P.C., & Mehdad, Ehsan Estimating the Variance of the Predictor in Stochastic Kriging
  17. 2015 nr.040

    Ward, Shannon, Williams, J., & van Ours, Jan Bad Behavior
  18. 2015 nr.039

    le Sage, Sander, & van der Heijden, Eline The Effect of Voting on Contributions in a Public Goods Game
  19. 2015 nr.038

    Mehdad, Ehsan, & Kleijnen, J.P.C. Stochastic Intrinsic Kriging for Simulation Metamodelling
  20. 2015 nr.037

    Vollaard, Ben Temporal Displacement of Environmental Crime
  21. 2015 nr.036

    Sarmiento Paipilla, N.M., & Galán, Jorge E. The Influence of Risk-taking on Bank Efficiency
  22. 2015 nr.035

    Kleijnen, J.P.C. Regression and Kriging Metamodels with Their Experimental Designs in Simulation
  23. 2015 nr.034

    Shi, W., & Kleijnen, J.P.C. Validating the Assumptions of Sequential Bifurcation in Factor Screening
  24. 2015 nr.033

    Palali, Ali Early Smoking, Education, and Labor Market Performance
  25. 2015 nr.032

    Musegaas, Marieke, Borm, Peter, & Quant, Marieke Simple and Three-Valued Simple Minimum Coloring Games
  26. 2015 nr.031

    Ben-Tal, A., Brekelmans, Ruud, den Hertog, Dick, & Vial, J.P. Globalized Robust Optimization for Nonlinear Uncertain Inequalities
  27. 2015 nr.030

    Postek, Krzysztof, Ben-Tal, A., den Hertog, Dick, & Melenberg, Bertrand Exact Robust Counterparts of Ambiguous Stochastic Constraints Under Mean and Dispersion Information
  28. 2015 nr.029

    Leon Rincon, C.E., Cely, Jorge, & Cadena, Carlos Identifying Interbank Loans, Rates, and Claims Networks from Transactional Data
  29. 2015 nr.028

    Da Rin, M., & Penas, M.F. Venture Capital and Innovation Strategies
  30. 2015 nr.027

    de Haas, R.T.A., Bos, J., & Millone, Matteo Show me Yours and I'll Show you Mine
  31. 2015 nr.026

    Musegaas, M., Borm, P.E.M., & Quant, M. Three-Valued Simple Games
  32. 2015 nr.025

    van Dalen, H.P., & Henkens, K. Why Demotion of Older Workers is a No-Go Area for Managers
  33. 2015 nr.024

    Eijffinger, S.C.W., Grajales Olarte, A., & Uras, R.B. Heterogeneity in Wage Setting Behavior in a New-Keynesian Model
  34. 2015 nr.023

    Beck, T.H.L., Pamuk, H., Ramrattan, R., & Uras, R.B. Mobile Money, Trade Credit and Economic Development
  35. 2015 nr.022

    Wen, X., Kort, P.M., & Talman, A.J.J. Volume Flexibility and Capacity Investment
  36. 2015 nr.021

    Dalton, P.S., Gonzalez Jimenez, V.H., & Noussair, C.N. Paying with Self-Chosen Goals
  37. 2015 nr.020

    Einmahl, J.H.J., Li, Jun, & Liu, Regina Bridging Centrality and Extremity
  38. 2015 nr.019

    Dang, Chuangyin, Meng, Xiaoxuan , & Talman, Dolf An Interior-Point Path-Following Method for Computing a Perfect Stationary Point of a Polynomial Mapping on a Polytope
  39. 2015 nr.018

    Eijffinger, S.C.W., Kobielarz, M.L., & Uras, R.B. Sovereign Debt, Bail-Outs and Contagion in a Monetary Union
  40. 2015 nr.017

    Peitz, M., & Schütt, F. Net Neutrality and Inflation of Traffic
  41. 2015 nr.016

    Karsten, Frank, Slikker, M., & Borm, P.E.M. Cost Allocation Rules for Elastic Single-Attribute Situations
  42. 2015 nr.015

    Koç, E. Job Finding, Job Loss and Consumption Behaviour
  43. 2015 nr.014

    van der Heijden, E.C.M., Koç, E., Ligthart, J.E., & Meijdam, A.C. Pensions and Consumption Decisions:
  44. 2015 nr.013

    Eijffinger, S.C.W., Mahieu, R.J., & Raes, L.B.D. Hawks and Doves at the FOMC
  45. 2015 nr.012

    de Haas, R., Brown, M., & Sokolov, V. Regional Inflation, Financial Integration and Dollarization (This is a revision of CentER DP 2013-073)
  46. 2015 nr.011

    Bircan, Cagatay, & de Haas, R. The Limits of Lending
  47. 2015 nr.010

    Yao, Y., & van Ours, J.C. Language Skills and Labor Market Performance of Immigrants in the Netherlands
  48. 2015 nr.008

    Ray Chaudhuri, A., & Pandey, Manish Immigration, Endogenous Technology Adoption and Wages
  49. 2015 nr.007

    Cervený, J., van Ours, J.C., Chomynova, Pavla, & Mravcik, Viktor Cannabis Decriminalization and the Age of Onset of Cannabis Use
  50. 2015 nr.006

    van Ours, J.C. The Great Recession was not so Great
  51. 2015 nr.005

    Boone, J., & Schottmuller, C. Health Provider Networks, Quality and Costs
  52. 2015 nr.004

    Zhen, J., & den Hertog, D. Computing the Maximum Volume Inscribed Ellipsoid of a Polytopic Projection
  53. 2015 nr.003

    Cizek, P., Jacobs, J., Ligthart, J.E., & Vrijburg, H. GMM Estimation of Fixed Effects Dynamic Panel Data Models with Spatial Lag and Spatial Errors (Revised version of CentER DP 2011-134)
  54. 2015 nr.002

    Cizek, P., & Aquaro, M. Robust Estimation and Moment Selection in Dynamic Fixed-effects Panel Data Models
  55. 2015 nr.001

    Hallin, M., Werker, B.J.M., & van den Akker, R. Optimal Pseudo-Gaussian and Rank-based Tests of the Cointegration Rank in Semiparametric Error-correction Models