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CentER Discussion Papers 2017

  1. 2018 nr.035

    Renneboog, Luc, & Zhao, Yang Director Networks, Turnover, and Appointments
  2. 2017 nr.053

    Ghidoni, Riccardo Mistrust and Opposition to Large-Scale Projects
  3. 2017 nr.052

    Can, S.U., Einmahl, John, & Laeven, R.J.A. Asymptotically Distribution-Free Goodness-of-Fit Testing for Copulas
  4. 2017 nr.051

    Einmahl, Jesson, Einmahl, John, & de Haan, L.F.M. Limits to Human Life Span Through Extreme Value Theory
  5. 2017 nr.050

    Beirlant, J., Kijko, Andrzej , Reykens, Tom, & Einmahl, John Estimating the Maximum Possible Earthquake Magnitude Using Extreme Value Methodology
  6. 2017 nr.049

    Remmerswaal, Minke, Boone, Jan, Bijlsma, Michiel, & Douven, R.C.M.H. Cost-Sharing Design Matters
  7. 2017 nr.048

    Prast, Henriette, & Teppa, F. The Power of Percentage
  8. 2017 nr.047

    Kleijnen, J.P.C. Kriging
  9. 2017 nr.046

    de Bresser, Jochem, & van Soest, Arthur The Predictive Power of Subjective Probability Questions
  10. 2017 nr.045

    de Bresser, Jochem Test-Retest Reliability of Subjective Survival Expectations
  11. 2017 nr.044

    Dietzenbacher, Bas, Borm, Peter, & Estevez Fernandez, M.A. NTU-Bankruptcy Problems
  12. 2017 nr.043

    Wen, Xingang, Hagspiel, V., & Kort, Peter Subsidized Capacity Investment under Uncertainty
  13. 2017 nr.042

    Kabátek, Jan, & Ribar, David C. Teenage Daughters as a Cause of Divorce
  14. 2017 nr.041

    Chen, Shuai, & van Ours, Jan Subjective Well-being and Partnership Dynamics; Are Same-sex Relationships Different?
  15. 2017 nr.040

    Barkó, Tamás, Cremers, M., & Renneboog, Luc Shareholder Engagement on Environmental, Social, and Governance Performance
  16. 2017 nr.039

    Feito Ruiz, Isabel, & Renneboog, Luc Takeovers and (Excess) CEO Compensation
  17. 2017 nr.038

    Liang, Hao, Renneboog, Luc, & Vansteenkiste, Cara Cross-Border Acquisitions and Employee-Engagement
  18. 2017 nr.037

    Ginglinger, Edith, Hébert, Camille, & Renneboog, Luc Connected Firms and Investor Myopia
  19. 2017 nr.036

    Dengler, Sebastian, Gerlagh, Reyer, Trautmann, Stefan, & van de Kuilen, Gijs Climate Policy Commitment Devices
  20. 2017 nr.035

    Gerlagh, Reyer, Jaimes, Richard, & Motavasseli, Ali Global Demographic Change and Climate Policies
  21. 2017 nr.034

    Freddi, Eleonora Do People Avoid Morally Relevant Information? Evidence from the Refugee Crisis
  22. 2017 nr.033

    Suppliet, Moritz Umbrella Branding in Pharmaceutical Markets
  23. 2017 nr.032

    Verstegen, Loes, van Groezen, Bas, & Meijdam, Lex Benefits of EMU Participation
  24. 2017 nr.031

    Engwerda, Jacob Stabilization of an Uncertain Simple Fishery Management Game
  25. 2017 nr.028

    van Dalen, Harry, & Henkens, K. Do Stereotypes about Older Workers Change?
  26. 2017 nr.027

    Westerhout, Ed, & Ciocyte, Ona The Role of Inflation-Linked Bonds. Increasing, but Still Modest
  27. 2017 nr.026

    Kleijnen, J.P.C. Simulation Optimization through Regression or Kriging Metamodels
  28. 2017 nr.025

    Burgher, Joshua, & Hamers, Herbert A Quantitative Optimization Framework for Market-Driven Academic Program Portfolios
  29. 2017 nr.024

    Ghidoni, Riccardo, Calzolari, G., & Casari, Marco Climate Change
  30. 2017 nr.023

    Dietzenbacher, Bas, Borm, Peter, & Hendrickx, Ruud Egalitarianism in Nontransferable Utility Games
  31. 2017 nr.022

    van 't Riet, Maarten, & Lejour, Arjen Optimal Tax Routing
  32. 2017 nr.020

    Abbring, Jaap, Campbell, J.R., Tilly, J., & Yang, N. Very Simple Markov-Perfect Industry Dynamics
  33. 2017 nr.019

    Wen, Xingang Strategic Capacity Investment under Uncertainty with Volume Flexibility
  34. 2017 nr.018

    Kleijnen, J.P.C. Design and Analysis of simulation experiments
  35. 2017 nr.017

    Cizek, Pavel, & Koo, Chao Jump-Preserving Varying-Coefficient Models for Nonlinear Time Series
  36. 2017 nr.016

    de Haas, Ralph, Ferreira, Daniel, & Kirchmaier, Tom The Inner Working of the Board
  37. 2017 nr.015

    Renneboog, Luc, & Vansteenkiste, Cara Leveraged Buyouts
  38. 2017 nr.014

    Miranda Sarmento, J.J., & Renneboog, Luc Renegotiating Public-Private Partnerships
  39. 2017 nr.013

    Liang, H., & Renneboog, Luc Corporate Donations and Shareholder Value
  40. 2017 nr.012

    Renneboog, Luc, Szilagyi, Peter, & Vansteenkiste, Cara Creditor Rights, Claims Enforcement, and Bond Performance in Mergers and Acquisitions
  41. 2017 nr.011

    Liang, H., Renneboog, Luc, & Vansteenkiste, Cara Corporate Employee-Engagement and Merger Outcomes
  42. 2017 nr.010

    Petropoulos, G., & Willems, Bert Providing Efficient Network Access to Green Power Generators
  43. 2017 nr.009

    Leon Rincon, Carlos, Moreno, José Fernando, & Cely, Jorge Whose Balance Sheet is this? Neural Networks for Banks' Pattern Recognition
  44. 2017 nr.008

    Cepeda, Fredy, Gamboa, Freddy, Leon Rincon, Carlos, & Rincon, Hernan The Evolution of World Trade from 1995 to 2014
  45. 2017 nr.007

    Prüfer, Jens, & Schottmuller, C. Competing with Big Data
  46. 2017 nr.006

    Shi, Wen, & Kleijnen, J.P.C. Testing the Assumptions of Sequential Bifurcation for Factor Screening (revision of CentER DP 2015-034)
  47. 2017 nr.005

    Dietzenbacher, Bas Bankruptcy Games with Nontransferable Utility
  48. 2017 nr.004

    Moes, Herry, Brekelmans, Ruud, Hamers, Herbert, & Hasaart, F. Ranking of Unwarranted Variations in Healthcare Treatments
  49. 2017 nr.003

    Gong, Di, Huizinga, Harry, & Laeven, L.A.H. Nonconsolidated Affiliates, Bank Capitalization, and Risk Taking
  50. 2017 nr.002

    Srivastava, Vatsalya The Sorry Clause (revision of CentER DP 2016-008)
  51. 2017 nr.001

    Kleijnen, J.P.C., & Shi, Wen Sequential Probability Ration Tests