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CentER Discussion Papers 2018

  1. 2018 nr.055

    Da Rin, Marco, Di Giacomo, M., & Sembenelli, A. Corporate Income Taxation, Leverage at Entry, and the Growth of Entrepreneurial Companies
  2. 2018 nr.054

    Kesternich, Iris, Schumacher, H., Siflinger, Bettina, & Valder, Franziska Reservation Wages and Labor Supply
  3. 2018 nr.053

    Renneboog, Luc, Fiordelisi, F., Ricci, Ornella, & Stentella Lopes, Saverio Creative Corporate Culture and Innovation
  4. 2018 nr.052

    van Leeuwen, Boris, Offerman, Theo, & van de Ven, Jeroen Fight or Flight
  5. 2018 nr.051

    Ourens, Guzman Uneven Growth in the Extensive Margin
  6. 2018 nr.050

    Westerhout, Ed, & Folmer, Kees The Effects of Capping Co-Insurance Payments
  7. 2018 nr.049

    Bouma, J.A., Nguyen, Binh, van der Heijden, Eline, & Dijk, J.J. Analysing Group Contract Design Using a Lab and a Lab-in-the-Field Threshold Public Good Experiment
  8. 2018 nr.048

    Hagspiel, V., Huisman, Kuno, Kort, Peter, Nunes, Claudia, & Pimentel, Rita Product Innovation of an Incumbent Firm
  9. 2018 nr.047

    Debets, Steven, Prast, Henriette, Rossi, Mariacristina, & van Soest, Arthur Pension Communication in the Netherlands and Other Countries
  10. 2018 nr.046

    van der Laan, G., Talman, Dolf, & Yang, Z. Equilibrium in the Assignment Market under Budget Constraints
  11. 2018 nr.045

    Cettolin, Elena, Dalton, Patricio, Kop, Willem, & Zhang, Wanqing Cortisol meets GARP
  12. 2018 nr.044

    Einmahl, John, Yang, Fan, & Zhou, Chen Testing the Multivariate Regular Variation Model
  13. 2018 nr.043

    Koenig, Christoph, & Schindler, David Impulse Purchases, Gun Ownership and Homicides
  14. 2018 nr.042

    Dalton, Patricio, Pamuk, Haki, Ramrattan, R., van Soest, Daan, & Uras, Burak Payment Technology Adoption and Finance
  15. 2018 nr.041

    Baranov, Victoria , de Haas, Ralph, & Grosjean, Pauline Men. Roots and Consequences of Masculinity Norms
  16. 2018 nr.040

    Abbring, Jaap, Campbell, J.R., Tilly, J., & Yang, N. Very Simple Markov-Perfect Industry Dynamics (revision of 2017-021)
  17. 2018 nr.039

    Campbell, J.R., & Hercowitz, Zvi Liquidity Constraints of the Middle Class (revision of CentER DP 2015-009)
  18. 2018 nr.038

    Qi, Shusen, de Haas, Ralph, Ongena, S.R.G., & Straetmans, Stefan Move a Little Closer? Information Sharing and the Spatial Clustering of Bank Branches
  19. 2018 nr.037

    Laurs, DK, & Renneboog, Luc My Kingdom for a Horse (or a Classic Car)
  20. 2018 nr.036

    Renneboog, Luc, Goergen, M., & Zhao, Y. Insider Trading and Networked Directors
  21. 2018 nr.034

    Manconi, Alberto, Neretina, Ekaterina, & Renneboog, Luc Underwriter Competition and Bargaining Power in the Corporate Bond Market
  22. 2018 nr.032

    Kesternich, Iris, Siflinger, Bettina, Smith, James P., & Steckenleiter, Carina Unbalanced Sex Ratios in Germany Caused by World War II and their Effect on Fertility
  23. 2018 nr.031

    Feito Ruiz, Isabel, Renneboog, Luc, & Vansteenkiste, Cara Elective Stock and Scrip Dividends
  24. 2018 nr.030

    Ray Chaudhuri, A., Benchekroun, H., & Breton, Michele Mergers in Nonrenewable Resource Oligopolies and Environmental Policies
  25. 2018 nr.029

    Marcu, Emanuel, & Noussair, Charles Sequential Search with a Price Freeze Option - Theory and Experimental Evidence
  26. 2018 nr.028

    Aksoy, Cevat G. , Carpenter, Christopher S. , de Haas, Ralph, & Tran, Kevin Do Laws Shape Attitudes?
  27. 2018 nr.027

    de Haas, Ralph, Lu, Liping, & Ongena, S.R.G. Clear and Close Competitors?
  28. 2018 nr.026

    Colella, Fabrizio, Dalton, Patricio, & Giusti, G. You'll Never Walk Alone
  29. 2018 nr.025

    Ahmed, Hanan, & Einmahl, John Improved Estimation of the Extreme Value Index Using Related Variables
  30. 2018 nr.024

    de Haas, Ralph, & Popov, A. Financial Development and Industrial Pollution
  31. 2018 nr.023

    Fehr, Dietmar, Rau, Hannes, Trautmann, Stefan, & Xu, Yilong Inequality, Fairness and Social Capital
  32. 2018 nr.022

    Kleijnen, J.P.C., & van Beers, W.C.M. Prediction for Big Data through Kriging
  33. 2018 nr.021

    Hagspiel, V., Huisman, Kuno, Kort, Peter, Lavrutich, Maria, Nunes, Claudia, & Pimentel, Rita Technology Adoption in a Declining Market
  34. 2018 nr.020

    Saavedra-Nieves, Alejandro, Schouten, Jop, & Borm, Peter On Interactive Sequencing Situations with Exponential Cost Functions
  35. 2018 nr.019

    He, Chen, & Klein, Tobias Advertising as a Reminder
  36. 2018 nr.018

    Kitessa, Rahel Jigi Trust and Trustworthiness between Cooperators and Non-Cooperators in Public Good Provision
  37. 2018 nr.016

    Prüfer, Jens, & Prüfer, Patricia Data Science for Institutional and Organizational Economics
  38. 2018 nr.015

    Martínez, Constanza, Cizek, Pavel, & Leon Rincon, Carlos Ownership Networks Effects on Secured Borrowing
  39. 2018 nr.014

    Prast, Henriette, Sanders, José, & Leonhard, Olga Can Words Breed or Kill Investment? Metaphors, Imagery, Affect and Investor Behaviour
  40. 2018 nr.013

    Boone, Jan Competition in Health Care Markets
  41. 2018 nr.012

    Prüfer, Jens, & Dengler, Sebastian Consumers' Privacy Choices in the Era of Big Data
  42. 2018 nr.011

    Schouten, Jop, Borm, Peter, & Hendrickx, Ruud Unilateral Support Equilibria
  43. 2018 nr.009

    Dalton, Patricio, Rüschenpöhler, Julius, & Zia, Bilal Determinants and Dynamics of Business Aspirations
  44. 2018 nr.008

    van der Swaluw, Koen, Lambooij, Mattijs S, Mathijssen, Jolanda, Zeelenberg, Marcel, Polder, Johan, & Prast, Henriette Emotional Responses to Behavioral Economic Incentives for Health Behavior Change
  45. 2018 nr.007

    Stienen, Valentijn, & Engwerda, Jacob Measuring Impact of Uncertainty in a Stylized Macro-Economic Climate Model within a Dynamic Game Perspective
  46. 2018 nr.006

    van der Swaluw, Koen, Lambooij, M., Mathijssen, Jolanda, Schipper, M., Zeelenberg, Marcel, Berkhout, S., Polder, Johan, & Prast, Henriette Physical Activity after Commitment Lotteries
  47. 2018 nr.005

    Dietzenbacher, Bas, & Peters, Hans Characterizing NTU-Bankruptcy Rules using Bargaining Axioms
  48. 2018 nr.004

    Huisman, Kuno, & Thijssen, J.J.J. On the Option Effects of Short-Time Work Arrangements
  49. 2018 nr.003

    Compernolle, T., Huisman, Kuno, Kort, Peter, Lavrutich, Maria, Nunes, Claudia, & Thijssen, J.J.J. Investment Decisions with Two-Factor Uncertainty
  50. 2018 nr.002

    Ghidoni, Riccardo, Cleave, Blair, & Suetens, Sigrid Perfect and Imperfect Strangers in Social Dilemmas
  51. 2018 nr.001

    Westerhout, Ed Paying for the Ageing Crisis
  52. 2017 nr.029

    Kitessa, Rahel Jigi On the Valuation of the Causes and Consequences of Environmental Damages