TiSEM - Tilburg School of Economics and Management

CentER Discussion Papers 2019

  1. 2019 nr.035

    Ketelaars, Martijn, Borm, Peter, & Quant, Marieke Decentralization and mutual liability rules
  2. 2019 nr.034

    Greminger, Rafael Optimal Search and Awareness Expansion
  3. 2019 nr.033

    Josune Albizuri, M., Dietzenbacher, Bas, & Zarzuelo, J. Bargaining with Independence of Higher or Irrelevant Claims
  4. 2019 nr.032

    Dalton, Patricio, Pamuk, H., Ramrattan, R., van Soest, Daan, & Uras, Burak Transparency and Financial Inclusion
  5. 2019 nr.031

    Blanco, M., & Dalton, Patricio Generosity and Wealth
  6. 2019 nr.030

    Rothfelder, Mario, & Boldea, Otilia Testing for a Threshold in Models with Endogenous Regressors
  7. 2019 nr.029

    Huizinga, Harry, Todtenhaupt, Maximilian, Voget, Johannes, & Wagner, W.B. Taxation and the External Wealth of Nations
  8. 2019 nr.028

    Demirguc-Kunt, Asli, Horvath, Balint L., & Huizinga, Harry Regulatory arbitrage and cross-border syndicated loans
  9. 2019 nr.026

    Renneboog, Luc, & Vansteenkiste, C. Failure and Success in Mergers and Acquisitions
  10. 2019 nr.025

    van Dijk, Mathijs , van Dalen, Harry, & Hyde, Martin Who Bears the Brunt? The Impact of Banking Crises on Younger and Older Workers
  11. 2019 nr.024

    Lejour, Arjan, Mohlmann, Jan, van't Riet, Maarten, & Benschop, Thijs Dutch Shell Companies and International Tax Planning
  12. 2019 nr.023

    Dietzenbacher, Bas, & Yanovskaya, E. Consistency of the Equal Split-Off Set
  13. 2019 nr.022

    Kleijnen, Jack, & van Beers, W.C.M. Statistical Tests for Cross-Validation of Kriging Models
  14. 2019 nr.021

    Benchekroun, H., Ray Chaudhuri, A., & Tasneem, Dina On the Impact of Trade in a Common Property Renewable Resource Oligopoly
  15. 2019 nr.020

    Langinier, Corinne, & Ray Chaudhuri, A. Green Technology and Patents in the Presence of Green Consumers
  16. 2019 nr.019

    Seres, G., & Pigon, Adam On the Competitive Effects of Screening in Procurement
  17. 2019 nr.018

    Berden, Carolien, Croes, R., Kemp, R., Mikkers, Misja, van der Noll, Rob, Shestalova, V., & Svitak, Jan Hospital Competition in the Netherlands
  18. 2019 nr.017

    Bellemare, Charles, Sebald, A., & Suetens, Sigrid Guilt Aversion in Economics and Psychology
  19. 2019 nr.016

    Ghidoni, Riccardo, & Suetens, Sigrid Empirical Evidence on Repeated Sequential Games
  20. 2019 nr.015

    Dalton, Patricio, Rüschenpöhler, Julius, Uras, Burak, & Zia, Bilal Local Best Practices for Business Growth
  21. 2019 nr.014

    Chen, Daniel, Hopfensitz, Astrid, van Leeuwen, Boris, & van de Ven, Jeroen The Strategic Display of Emotions
  22. 2019 nr.013

    Schmidt, Robert J., & Trautmann, Stefan Implementing (Un)fair Procedures? Favoritism and Process Fairness when Inequality is Inevitable
  23. 2019 nr.012

    Seres, Gyula Uncertain Commitment Power in a Durable Good Monopoly
  24. 2019 nr.011

    Liu, Manwei, & van der Heijden, Eline Majority rule or dictatorship? The role of collective-choice rules in resolving social dilemmas with endogenous institutions
  25. 2019 nr.010

    Huizinga, Harry, & Laeven, Luc The Procyclicality of Banking
  26. 2019 nr.009

    Boone, Jan, Schuett, Florian, & Tarantino, E. Price Commitments in Standard Setting under Asymmetric Information
  27. 2019 nr.008

    Schouten, Jop, Dietzenbacher, Bas, & Borm, Peter The Nucleolus and Inheritance of Properties in Communication Situations
  28. 2019 nr.007

    Dietzenbacher, Bas The Procedural Egalitarian Solution and Egalitarian Stable Games
  29. 2019 nr.006

    Ma, Marshall (Xiaoyin), Noussair, Charles, & Renneboog, Luc Colors, Emotions, and the Auction Value of Paintings
  30. 2019 nr.005

    Prüfer, Jens, & Prüfer, Patricia Data Science for Entrepreneurship Research
  31. 2019 nr.004

    van Dalen, Harry Do the Values of Economists Matter in the Art and Science of Economics?
  32. 2019 nr.003

    Safojan, Romina The Effect of Exports on Labor Informality
  33. 2019 nr.002

    van Buggenum, Hugo, & Uras, Burak Money, Asset Markets and Efficiency of Capital Formation
  34. 2019 nr.001

    Heijmans, Roweno J.R.K., & Gerlagh, Reyer Regulating Global Externalities