TiSEM - Tilburg School of Economics and Management

CentER Discussion Papers 2021

  1. 2022 nr.015

    Kleijnen, Jack, van Nieuwenhuyse, I., & van Beers, W.C.M. Constrained Optimization in Simulation
  2. 2021 nr.035

    de Bresser, Jochem, & Knoef, Marike Preferences for Income Redistribution
  3. 2021 nr.034

    de Bresser, Jochem Evaluating the Accuracy of Counterfactuals The Role of Heterogeneous Expectations in Life Cycle Models
  4. 2021 nr.033

    de Bresser, Jochem, Knoef, Marike, & van Ooijen, Raun Preferences for In-Kind and In-Cash Home Care Insurance
  5. 2021 nr.032

    Kant, Goos, van Beest, Ilja, & Brekelmans, Ruud A Holistic Approach to Identify Collaborative Shipping Opportunities
  6. 2021 nr.030

    Carreño Bustos, José, & Uras, Burak Macro Welfare Effects of Flexible Labor Contracts
  7. 2021 nr.029

    Peng, Liang, & Einmahl, John Improved regression inference using a second overlapping regression model
  8. 2021 nr.028

    Morales, Paola, Osorio, Daniel, Lemus, Juan S., & Sarmiento Paipilla, Miguel The Internationalization of Domestic Banks and the Credit Channel of Monetary Policy
  9. 2021 nr.027

    Crama, Yves, Hübner, Georges , Leruth, Luc, & Renneboog, Luc Identifying Ultimate Beneficial Owners
  10. 2021 nr.026

    David, Géraldine, Li, Yuexin, Oosterlinck, Kim, & Renneboog, Luc Art in Times of Crisis
  11. 2021 nr.025

    Affeldt, P., Argentesi, E., & Filistrucchi, Lapo Estimating Demand with Multi-Homing in Two-Sided Markets
  12. 2021 nr.024

    Carli, Francesco, Suetens, Sigrid, Uras, Burak, & Visser, Philine Asymmetric Group Loan Contracts
  13. 2021 nr.023

    van Beek, Andries, Borm, Peter, & Quant, Marieke Axiomatic Characterizations of a Proportional Influence Measure for Sequential Projects with Imperfect Reliability
  14. 2021 nr.022

    Paulick, Jan, Berndsen, Ron, Diehl, Martin, & Heijmans, Ronald No more Tears without Tiers? The Impact of Indirect Settlement on liquidity use in TARGET2
  15. 2021 nr.021

    Prüfer, Jens, & Xu, Y. The Nonprofit's Dilemma
  16. 2021 nr.020

    van Buggenum, Hugo Risk, Inside Money, and the Real Economy
  17. 2021 nr.019

    van Buggenum, Hugo Coexistence of Money and Interest-Bearing Bonds
  18. 2021 nr.018

    Li, Yuexin, Ma, X., & Renneboog, Luc Pricing Art and the Art of Pricing
  19. 2021 nr.017

    Can, S.U., Einmahl, John, & Laeven, Roger Two-Sample Testing for Tail Copulas with an Application to Equity Indices
  20. 2021 nr.016

    Li, Yuexin, Ma, X., & Renneboog, Luc In Art We Trust
  21. 2021 nr.015

    Ketelaars, Martijn, & Borm, Peter On the Unification of Centralized and Decentralized Clearing Mechanisms in Financial Networks
  22. 2021 nr.014

    Lejour, Arjan The Role of Conduit Countries and Tax Havens in Corporate Tax Avoidance
  23. 2021 nr.013

    Westerhout, Ed, Meijdam, Lex, Ponds, Eduard, & Bonenkamp, Jan Should we Revive PAYG? On the Optimal Pension System in View of Current Economic Trends
  24. 2021 nr.011

    van Beek, Andries, Malmberg, Benjamin, Borm, Peter, Quant, Marieke, & Schouten, Jop Cooperation and Competition in Linear Production and Sequencing Processes
  25. 2021 nr.010

    Denderski, Piotr, & Sniekers, Florian Declining Search Frictions and Type-of-Employment Choice
  26. 2021 nr.009

    Kidd, Martin P. , & Borm, Peter On Determining Leading Coalitions in Supply Chains: Methodology and Application
  27. 2021 nr.008

    Martin, R., de Haas, Ralph, Muuls, Mirabelle, & Schweiger, Helena Managerial and Financial Barriers to the Net-Zero Transition
  28. 2021 nr.007

    Ahmed, Hanan, Einmahl, John, & Zhou, Chen Extreme Value Statistics in Semi-Supervised Models
  29. 2021 nr.006

    Brock, J. Michelle, & de Haas, Ralph Discriminatory Lending
  30. 2021 nr.005

    Colella, F., Dalton, Patricio, & Giusti, G. All you Need is Love
  31. 2021 nr.004

    Graef, Inge, & Prüfer, Jens Governance of Data Sharing
  32. 2021 nr.003

    Kárpáti, Daniel, & Renneboog, Luc Corporate Financial Frictions and Employee Mental Health
  33. 2021 nr.002

    McLaughlin, Dennis, & Berndsen, Ron Why Is a CCP failure very unlikely?
  34. 2021 nr.001

    Westerhout, Ed Inflation-Linked Bonds, Nominal Bonds, and Countercyclical Monetary Policies