TiSEM - Tilburg School of Economics and Management

CentER Discussion Papers 2022

  1. 2022 nr.024

    Leruth, Luc, Mazarei, Adnan, Regibeau, Pierre, & Renneboog, Luc Green Energy Depends on Critical Minerals. Who Controls the Supply Chains?
  2. 2022 nr.023

    Çürük, Malik, & Rozendaal, Rik Labor Share, Industry Concentration and Energy Prices
  3. 2022 nr.022

    Angun, Ebru, & Kleijnen, Jack Constrained Optimization in Random Simulation
  4. 2022 nr.021

    Westerhout, Ed 30 Years of Generational Accounting
  5. 2022 nr.020

    Kleijnen, Jack, van Nieuwenhuyse, I., & van Beers, W.C.M. Constrained Optimization in Simulation
  6. 2022 nr.019

    Ferrando, Mery, & Gille, Veronique Does the Identity of Leaders Matter for Education? Evidence from the First Black Governor in the US
  7. 2022 nr.018

    Sezer, Ayse Hazal Killing Our Future
  8. 2022 nr.017

    Einmahl, John, & He, Y. Extreme Value Inference for General Heterogeneous Data
  9. 2022 nr.016

    Kastoryano, Stephen, & Vollaard, Ben Nautical Patrol and Illegal Fishing Practices
  10. 2022 nr.015

    Jaimes Bonilla, Richard, & Westerhout, Ed Optimal Policies in an Aging Society
  11. 2022 nr.014

    Stienen, Valentijn, den Hertog, Dick, Wagenaar, Joris, & de Zegher, J.F. Enhancing Digital Road Networks for Better Operations in Developing Countries
  12. 2022 nr.013

    Herings, Jean-Jacques, & Khan, Abhimanyu Network Stability under Limited Foresight
  13. 2022 nr.012

    Marchal, Léa, Ourens, Guzmán, & Sabbadini, Giulia When Immigrants Meet Exporters
  14. 2022 nr.011

    Achard, Pascal Ethnic Enclaves and Cultural Assimilation
  15. 2022 nr.010

    Ketelaars, Martijn, & Kort, Peter Investments in R&D and Production Capacity with Uncertain Breakthrough Time
  16. 2022 nr.009

    Cizek, Pavel, & Sadikoglu, Serhan Nonseparable Panel Models with Index Structure and Correlated Random Effects
  17. 2022 nr.008

    Csoka, Peter, & Herings, Jean-Jacques Centralized Clearing Mechanisms in Financial Networks
  18. 2022 nr.007

    Decerf, Benoit, Ferrando, Mery, & Quinn, Natalie Global Income Poverty Measurement with Preference Heterogeneity
  19. 2022 nr.006

    van Vlokhoven, Has Decomposing the Rise in Markups
  20. 2022 nr.005

    Piolatto, A., & Schuett, Florian Information vs Competition
  21. 2022 nr.004

    Argenton, Cedric, Potters, Jan, & Yang, Yadi Receiving Credit
  22. 2022 nr.003

    Argenton, Cedric, Ivanova-Stenzel, Radosveta, & Müller, Wieland Cournot meets Bayes-Nash
  23. 2022 nr.002

    Bertay, Ata, Carreño Bustos, José, Huizinga, Harry, Uras, Burak, & Vellekoop, N. Technological Change and the Finance Wage Premium
  24. 2022 nr.001

    Nazliben, Kamil Korhan, Renneboog, Luc, & Uduwalage, Emil Social Diversity on Corporate Boards in a Country Torn by Civil War