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Editorial Boards TISEM Staff Members

Currently, TISEM faculty members hold positions on the editorial boards of the following journals.

Computational Economics

  • Hennie Daniëls

Computational Statistics

  • Pavel Cizek (associate editor)

Contemporary Accounting Research

  • Eddy Cardinaels (editorial board)

Data & Knowledge Engineering

  • Hans Weigand (advisory editor)

De Economist

  • Frank de Jong (associate editor)
  • Jaap Abbring (associate editor)
  • Eric van Damme (associate editor)
  • Jan Potters (associate editor)
  • Luc Renneboog (associate editor)
  • Arthur van Soest (editor)

Dynamic Games and Applications

  • Jacob Engwerda (associate editor)


  • Jaap Abbring (associate editor)
  • Bas Werker  (associate editor)

Econometrics Journal

  • Jaap Abbring (managing editor)
  • Tobias Klein (deputy managing editor)

Electronic Journal of Combinatorics

  • Edwin van Dam (editor-in-chief)
  • Willem Haemers (editorial board)

Empirical Economics

  • Arthur van Soest (editor)
  • Tobias Klein (editorial board)

Energy Economics

  • Reyer Gerlagh (associate editor)

Environmental Economics and Policy Studies

  • Sjak Smulders (editorial council)

Environmental and Resource Economics

  • Reyer Gerlagh (scientific advisory board)
  • Daan van Soest (scientific advisory board)
  • Aart de Zeeuw(scientific advisory board)

European Financial Management

  • Luc Renneboog (editorial board)

European Journal of Marketing

  • Marnik Dekimpe (senior advisory board)

European Journal of Political Economy

  • Sylvester Eijffinger (editorial board)

European Management Review

  • Jean-Francois Hennart (editorial board)

FinanzArchiv/Public Finance Analysis

  • Harry Huizinga (associate editor)


  • Jacob Engwerda (editorial board)

Games and Economic Behavior

  • Jean-Jacques Herings (Advisory Editor)

IEEE Transactions on Service Computing

  • Hans Weigand (associate editor)

Information Economics and Policy

  • Lapo Filistrucchi (associate editor)

Information Systems Journal

  • Carol Ou (associate editor)

Information Technology & People

  • Carol Ou (senior editor)

International Econometric Review

  • Pavel Cizek (editorial board)
  • Arthur van Soest (editorial board)

International Game Theory Review

  • Peter Borm (associate editor)
  • Aart de Zeeuw (associate editor)

International Journal of Auditing

  • Philip Joos (editorial advisory board)

International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems

  • Mike Papazoglou (advisory editor)
  • Willem-Jan van den Heuvel (associate editor)

International Journal of Cross Cultural Management

  • Niels Noorderhaven (editorial board)

International Journal of e-Collaboration

  • Anne-Francoise Rutkowski (editorial review board)

International Journal of Game Theory

  • Jean-Jacques Herings  (associate editor)

International Journal of Knowledge-Based Organizations

  • Geert Duysters (editorial board)

International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organizations

  • Anne-Francoise Rutkowski (editorial board)

International Journal of Research in Marketing

  • Marnik Dekimpe (policy board)
  • Barbara Deleersnyder (editorial review board)
  • Inge Geyskens (area editor)
  • Els Gijsbrechts (senior editor)

International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development

  • Geert Duysters (editorial board)

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

  • Rik Pieters (editorial review board)
  • Marnik Dekimpe (area editor)

Journal of the American Taxation Association

  • Anja De Waegenaere (editorial board)

Journal of Applied Econometrics

  • Jaap Abbring (board of associate editors)
  • Arthur van Soest (board of associate editors)

Journal of Banking of Finance

  • Luc Renneboog (associate editor)
  • Joost Driessen (associate editor)

Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics

  • Sigrid Suetens (editorial board)

Journal of Causal Inference

  • Jaap Abbring (editorial board)

Journal of Consumer Policy

  • Rik Pieters (editorial board)

Journal of Consumer Research

  • Rik Pieters (editorial review board)

Journal of Corporate Finance

  • Luc Renneboog (associate editor)

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

  • Jan Potters (associate editor)

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

  • Peter Kort (associate editor)

Journal of Economics

  • Sjak Smulders (associate editor)

Journal of Financial Econometrics

  • Frank de Jong (associate editor)
  • Bas Werker (associate editor)

Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization

  • Renata Sotirov (editorial board)

Journal of Interactive Marketing

  • Marnik Dekimpe (editorial board)

Journal of International Business Studies

  • Jean-Francois Hennart (consulting editor)
  • Xavier Martin (editorial review board)
  • Niels Noorderhaven (editorial review board)
  • Elena Golovko (editorial review board)

Journal of International Management

  • Jean-Francois Hennart (editorial board)

Journal of International Money & Finance

  • Frans de Roon (editorial board)

Journal of Management and Governance

  • Luc Renneboog (editorial board)

Journal of Management Studies

  • Geert Duysters (editorial board)

Journal of Mathematical Economics

  • Jean-Jacques Herings (advisory editor)

Journal of Marketing

  • Marnik Dekimpe (editorial review board)
  • Inge Geyskens (ad hoc reviewer)

Journal of Marketing Research

  • Marnik Dekimpe (associate editor)
  • Inge Geyskens (ad-hoc reviewer)

Journal of Media Economics

  • Lapo Filistrucchi (editorial board)

Journal of Mechanism and Institution Design

  • Jean-Jacques Herings  (associate editor)

Journal of Service Management

  • Bert Meijboom (editorial advisory board)
  • Henk Roest (editorial advisory board)

Journal of World Business

  • Jean-Francois Hennart (editorial board)

Labour Economics

  • Arthur van Soest (editor-in-chief)

Management International Review

  • Jean-Francois Hennart (editorial board)

Marketing - Journal of Research and Management

  • Marnik Dekimpe (advisory board)

Marketing Letters

  • Marnik Dekimpe (editorial board)

Marketing Science (Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science)

  • Marnik Dekimpe (editorial board)

Markt en Mededinging

  • Eric van Damme (editorial board)

Mathematical Methods of Operations Research

  • Peter Borm (editorial board)

Mathematics of Operations Research

  • Jean-Jacques Herings (associate editor)

Mathematical Programming

  • Monique Laurent (associate editor)

Me Judice

  • Harry van Dalen (managing editor)
  • Kees Koedijk (editor)

Open Management Journal

  • Geert Duysters (editorial advisory board)

Open Mathematics Journal

  • Edwin van Dam (editorial advisory board)

Operations Research

  • Dick den Hertog (associate editor)

OR Spectrum

  • Hein Fleuren (editorial board)

Organization Science

  • Jeroen Kuilman (editorial  board)

Organization Studies

  • Niels Noorderhaven (editorial board)

Quantitative Economics

  • Jaap Abbring (associate editor)

Review of Business and Economics

  • Philip Joos (editorial board)

Review of Finance

  • Joost Driessen (associate editor)

Review of Marketing Science

  • Marnik Dekimpe (editorial board)

Serbian Journal of Management

  • Geert Duysters (editorial board)

SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics

  • Monique Laurent (associate editor)

SIAM Journal on Optimization

  • Etienne de Klerk (associate editor)

Strategic Management Journal

  • Zi-Lin He (consulting editor)
  • Xavier Martin (consulting editor)
  • Louis Mulotte (consulting editor)

Statistical Inference for Stochastic Processes

  • Ramon van den Akker (associate editor)

SYSIAC - An International Journal on Communication, Information Technology and Work

  • Hans Weigand (associate editor)