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Top Publications Research group: Accounting

TiSEM is pleased to announce these recent (2018-2020) publications in top journals.

Bischof, J., Daske, H., & Sextroh, C.J. (2020). Why do politicians intervene in accounting regulation? The role of ideology and special interests. Journal of Accounting Research 58(3), 589-642.
Epure, M. & Guasch, M. (2020). Debt signalling and outside investors in early stage firms. Journal of Business Venturing, 35(2), 105929.

Shang, R., Abernethy, M., & Hung, C-Y. (2020). Group identity, performance transparency, and employee performance. The Accounting Review.

Hassan, T. A., Hollander, S., van Lent, L. A. G. M., & Tahoun, A. (2019). Firm-level political risk: Measurement and effects. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 134(4), 2135-2202.

Cardinaels, E., Hollander, S., & White, B. (2019). Automatic summarization of earnings releases: Attributes and effects on investors’ judgments. Review of Accounting Studies, 24(3), 860-890.

Cardinaels, E., Chen, C. X., & Yin, H. (2018). Leveling the playing field: The selection and motivation effects of tournament prize spread information. The Accounting Review, 93(4), 127-149.