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Top Publications Research group: Economics

TiSEM is pleased to announce these recent (2017-2019) publications in top journals.

Bulte, E. H., List, J. A., & van Soest, D. (Accepted/In press). Toward an understanding of the welfare effects of nudges: Evidence from a field experiment in the workplace. Economic Journal.
List, J. A., van Soest, D., Stoop, J. T. R., & Zhou, H. (Accepted/In press). On the role of group size in tournaments: Theory and evidence from lab and field experiments. Management Science.

Cettolin, E., & Suetens, S. (2019). Return on trust is lower for immigrants. The Economic Journal, 129(621), 1992-2009.

Cettolin, E., & Riedl, A. (2019). Revealed preferences under uncertainty: Incomplete preferences and preferences for randomization. Journal of Economic Theory, 181, 547-585.

Remmerswaal, M., Boone, J., Douven, R. C. M. H., & Bijlsma, M. (2019). Cost-sharing design matters: A comparison of the rebate and deductible in healthcare. Journal of Public Economics, 170, 83-97.

Filistrucchi, L., & Prüfer, J. (2019). Faithful strategies: How religion shapes nonprofit management. Management Science, 65(1), 188-208.

Bijlsma, M., Boone, J., & Zwart, G. (2018). Competition for traders and risk. RAND Journal of Economics, 49(4), 855-876.

Anginer, D., Demirguc-Kunt, A., Huizinga, H., & Ma, K. (2018). Corporate governance of banks and financial stability. Journal of Financial Economics, 130(2), 327-346.

Gonzalez, F., Lazkano, I., & Smulders, S. (2018). Intergenerational altruism with future bias. Journal of Economic Theory, 178, 436-454.

Kocher, M. G., Lucks, K. E., & Schindler, D. (2018). Unleashing animal spirits: Self-control and overpricing in experimental asset markets. The Review of Financial Studies.

Huizinga, H., Voget, J., & Wagner, W. (2018). Capital gains taxation and the cost of capital: Evidence from unanticipated cross-border transfers of the tax base. Journal of Financial Economics, 129(2), 306-328.

van Leeuwen, B., Noussair, C., Offerman, T. J. S., Suetens, S., van Veelen, C. M., & van de Ven, J. (2018). Predictably angry: Facial cues provide a credible signal of destructive behavior . Management Science, 64(7), 3352-3364.

Eijffinger, S., Kobielarz, M., & Uras, B. (2018). Sovereign default, exit and contagion in a monetary union. Journal of International Economics, 113, 1-19.

Picchio, M., Suetens, S., & van Ours, J. (2018). Labor supply effects of winning a lottery. The Economic Journal, 128(611), 1700-1729.

Willems, B., & Zwart, G. (2018). Optimal regulation of network expansion. RAND Journal of Economics, 49(1), 23-42.

Gerlagh, R., & Liski, M. (2018). Carbon prices for the next hundred years. Economic Journal, 128(609), 728-757.

Dalton, P., & Ghosal, S. (2018). Self-fulfilling mistakes: Characterization and welfare. The Economic Journal, 128(609), 683-709.

Blanco, M., Dalton, P., & Vargas, J. F. (2017). Does the unemployment benefit institution affect the productivity of workers? Evidence from the field. Management Science, 63(11), 3691-3707.

Bijlsma, M., Boone, J., & Zwart, G. (2017). The complementarity between risk adjustment and community rating: Distorting market outcomes to facilitate redistribution. Journal of Public Economics, 155, 21-37.

Cettolin, E., & Riedl, A. (2017). Justice under uncertainty. Management Science, 63(11), 3739-3759.

Çürük, M., & Vannoorenberghe, G. (2017). Inter-sectoral labor reallocation in the short run: The role of occupational similarity. Journal of International Economics, 108, 20-36.

Aydin, E., Kok, N., & Brounen, D. (2017). Energy efficiency and household behavior: The rebound effect in the residential sector. RAND Journal of Economics, 48(3), 749-782.

Brown, M., Trautmann, S., & Vlahu, R. (2017). Understanding bank-run contagion. Management Science, 63(7), 2272-2282.

Boone, J., & Schottmuller, C. (2017). Health insurance without single crossing: Why healthy people have high coverage. Economic Journal, 127(599), 84-105.