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Top Publications Research group: Finance

TiSEM is pleased to announce these recent (2018-2020) publications in top journals.

Penasse, J., Renneboog, L., & Scheinkman, J. (Accepted/In Press). When a master dies: Speculation and asset float.
Braggion, F., Dwarkasing, M.S.D., & Ongena, S. (2020). Household inequality, entrepreneurial dynamism, and corporate financing. The Review of Financial Studies.
Cosemans, M., & Frehen, R. (Accepted/In Press). Salience theory and stock prices: Empirical evidence. Journal of Financial Economics.  
Pohl, W., Schmedders, K., & Wilms, O. (Accepted/In Press). Asset pricing with heterogeneous agents and long-run risk. Journal of Financial Economics.
Beber, A., Driessen, J., Neuberger, A., Tuijp, P. (2020). Pricing liquidity risk with heterogeneous investment horizons. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
Barahona, R., Driessen, J., Frehen, R. (2020). Can unpredictable risk exposure be priced? Journal of Financial Economics.
Braggion, F., Manconi, A., & Zhu, H. (2020). Credit and social unrest: Evidence from 1930s China. Journal of Financial Economics, 138(2), 295-315.

Baele, L., Bekaert, G. R. J., Inghelbrecht, K., & Wei, M. (2020). Flights to safety. The Review of Financial Studies, 33(2), 689-746.

Karehnke, P., & de Roon, F. (2020). Spanning tests for assets with option-like > payoffs: the case of hedge funds, Management Science, 66(12), 5969-5989.

Crego, J. (2020). Why does public news augment information asymmetries? Journal of Financial Economics, 137(1), 72-89

Ebert, S. (2020). Decision making when things are only a matter of time. Operations Research, 68(5), 1564-1575.

van Bilsen, S., Laeven, R. J. A., & Nijman, T. (2020). Consumption and portfolio choice under loss aversion and endogenous updating of the reference level. Management Science, 68(5), 1564-1575

Degryse, H., De Jonghe, O., Jakovljevic, S., Mulier, K., & Schepens, G. (2019). Identifying credit supply shocks with bank-firm data: Methods and applications. Journal of Financial Intermediation, 40, [100813].

Kragt, J., de Jong, F., & Driessen, J. (2020). The dividend term structure. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis., 55(3), 829-867.

Boons, M., Duarte, F., de Roon, F., & Szymanowska, M. (2020). Time-varying inflation risk and stock returns. Journal of Financial Economics, 136(2), 444-470.

Castiglionesi, F., Feriozzi, F., & Lorenzoni, G. (2019). Financial integration and liquidity crises. Management Science, 65(3), 955-975.

Braggion, F., & Ongena, S. R. G. (2019). Banking sector deregulation, bank-firm relationships and corporate leverage. The Economic Journal, 129(618), 765-789.

Braggion, F., & Giannetti, M. (2019). Changing corporate governance norms: Evidence from dual class shares in the UK. Journal of Financial Intermediation, 37, 15-27.

Baele, L., Driessen, J., Ebert, S., & Londono Yarce, J. M. (2019). Cumulative prospect theory, option returns and the variance premium. The Review of Financial Studies, 32(9), 3667-3723.

Cassella, S., & Gulen, H. (2018). Extrapolation bias and the predictability of stock returns by price-scaled variables. The Review of Financial Studies, 31(11), 4345-4397.

Liang, H., Marquis, C., Renneboog, L., & Li Sun, S. (2018). Future-time framing: The effect of language on corporate future orientation. Organization Science, 29(6), 1093-1111.

Crawford, G. S., Pavanini, N., & Schivardi, F. (2018). Asymmetric information and imperfect competition in lending markets. American Economic Review, 108(7), 1659-1701.

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Pohl, W., Schmedders, K., & Wilms, O. (2018). Higher-order effects in asset-pricing models with long-run risks. Journal of Finance, 73(3), 1061-1111.