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Top Publications Research group: Information & Supply Chain Management

TiSEM is pleased to announce these recent (2017-2020) publications in top journals.

Tunc, M., Cavusoglu, H. & Raghunathan, S. (Accepted/In Press). Online product reviews: Is a finer-grained rating scheme superior to a coarser one? Management Information Systems Quarterly.
Peters, V., Vähätalo, M., Meijboom, B., Barendregt, A., Bok, V., & de Vries, E. (2020). Elaborating on modular interfaces in multi-provider contexts. International Journal of Operations and Productions Management, 40(9), 1397-1419.
Akkermans, H., van Oppen, W., Ou, C., & Vos, B. (2020). Reversing a relationship spiral: From vicious to virtuous cycles in IT outsourcing. Information Systems Journal.
Medappa, P.K., & Srivastava, S.C. (2020). Ideological shifts in open source orchestration: Examining the influence of license choice and organisational participation on open source project outcomes. European Journal of Information Systems, 29(5), 500-520.
Bhardwaj, A., & Ketokivi, M. (2020). Bilateral dependency and supplier performance ambiguity in supply chain contracting: Evidence from the railroad industry. Journal of Operations Management.

De Regge, M., Gemmel, P., & Meijboom B. (2019). How operations matters in healthcare standardization. Journal of Operations and Production Management, 39(9/10), 1144-1165. 

Akkermans, H., Voss, C., & van Oers, R. (2019). Ramp up and ramp down dynamics in digital services. Journal of Supply Chain Management, 55(3), 3-23.

Akkermans, H., van Oppen, W., Wynstra, F., & Voss, C. (2019). Contracting outsourced services with collaborative key performance indicators. Journal of Operations Management, 65(1), 22-47.

Akkermans, H., & van Wassenhove, L.N. (2018). Supply chain tsunamis: Research on low-probability, high-impact disruptions. Journal of Supply Chain Management, 54(1), 64-76.

Zhu, H., Liu, H. W., Ou, C., Davison, R. M., & Yang, Z. R. (2017). Privacy preserving mechanisms for optimizing cross-organizational collaborative decisions based on the Karmarkar algorithm. Information Systems, 72, 205–217.

Li, B., Chan, K., Ou, C., & Sun, R. (2017). Discovering public sentiment in social media for predicting stock movement of publicly listed companies. Information Systems, 69, 81-92.