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Top Publications Research group: Information Systems & Operations Management

TiSEM is pleased to announce these recent (2020-2024) publications in top journals.

Bhardwaj, A. & Akkermans, H. (Accepted/In Press). The confidence trap in operations management practices: Anatomy of man-made disasters. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management.
Akkermans, H., Basten, R., Zhu, Q. & Van Wassenhove, L. N. (Accepted/In Press). Transition paths for condition-based maintenance-driven smart services. Journal of Operations Management.
Zhou, M., Angelopoulos, S., Ou, C., Liu, H. & Liang, Z. (Accepted/In Press). Optimization of dynamic product offerings on online marketplaces: A network on theory perspective. Journal of Management Information Systems
Fang, F., van der Valk, W. Akkermans, H. & Vos, B. (2023). Down the drain: The dynamic interplay of governance adjustments addressing setbacks in large public-private projects. Journal of Operations Management. 
Oh, H.K., Abdulla, H. & Oliva, R. (2023). Behavioral multi-lever decision-making: A study of consumer return policy, price, and inventory decisions. Journal of Operations Management. 
Laitenberger, U., Viete, S., Slivko, O., Kummer, M.E., Borchert, K. & Hirth, M. (2023). Unemployment and online labor: Evidence for microtasking. Management Information Systems Quarterly, 47(2), 771-802.
Struijk, M., Angelopoulos, S., Ou.C. & Davison, R.M. (2023). Navigating digital transformation through an information quality strategy: Evidence from a military organisation. Information Systems Journal, 33(4), 912-952. 
Roy, D., Spiliotopoulou, E. & Vries, J.D. (2022). Restaurant analytics: Emerging practice and research opportunities. Production and Operations Management, 31(10), 3687-3709.
Kurdhi, N.A., Dabadghao, S.S. & Fransoo, J.C. (2023). Revenue management in a refurbishing duopoly with cannibalization. Journal of Operations Management, 69(2), 246-260.
Mueller, J., Hoberg, K. & Fransoo, J.C. (2023). Realizing supply chain agility under time pressure: Ad hoc supply chains during the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Operations Management, 69(3), 426-449.
Figueira, G., van Jaarsveld, W., Amorim, P. & Fransoo J.C. (2023). The impact of committing to customer orders in online retail. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 25(1), 307-322
Liang, Y., Sun, P., Tang, R. & Zhang, C. (2023). Efficient resource allocation contracts to reduce adverse events. Operations Research, 71(5), 1889-1907.
Bhardwaj, A. & Sergeeva, A. (2023). Values-based trust as a shift parameter for collective organizing: The case of magnum photos. Journal of Management Studies, 60(8), 2022-2059.
Chae, S., Son, B-G., Yan, T. & Yang, Y.S. (2022). Supply chains and the success of M&As: Investigating the effect of structural equivalence of merging firms'supplier and customer bases. International Journal of Production Management, 42(8), 1272-1293.
Kim, S. Chae, S., Wagner, S.M. & Miller, J.W. (2022). Buyer abusive behavior and supplier welfare: An empirical study of truck owner-operators. Journal of Supply Chain Management, 58(4), 90-111.
Hofstra, N., Spiliotopoulou, E. & de Leeuw, S. (2022). Ordering decisions under supply uncertainty and inventory record inaccuracy: An experimental investigation. Decision Sciences
Sergeeva, A., Bhardwaj, A. & Dimov, D. (2022). Mutable reality and unknowable future: Revealing the broader potential of pragmatism. Academy of Management Review, 47(4), 692-699.
Oorschot, K., Akkermans, H, Van Wassenhove, L., & Wang, Y. (2023). Organizing for permanent beta: Performance measurement before versus performance monitoring after release of digital services. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 43(3), 520-542.
Spiliotopoulou, E., Donohue, K. & Gurbuz, M.C. (2022). Ordering behavior and the impact of allocation mechanisms in an integrated distribution system. Product and Operations Management, 31(2), 422-441.
Kleijnen, J.P. & van Beers, W.C. (2022). Statistical tests for cross-validation of Kriging models. INFORMS Journal on Computing, 34(1), 607-621.
Son, B.G., Chae, S. & Kocabasogly-Hillmer, C. (2021). Catastrophic supply chain disruptions and supply network changes: A study of the 2011 Japanese earthquake. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 41(6), 781-804.
Sergeeva, A., Bhardwaj, A., & Dimov, D. (2021). In the heat of the game: Analogical abduction in a pragmatist account of entrepreneurial reasoning. Journal of Business Venturing 36(6), 106158.
Zhang, C., Man, Y., & Chen, J. (2021). Signaling quality with return insurance: Theory and empirical evidence. Management Science, 68(8), 5847-5867.
Aben, T., Van der Valk, W., Roehrich, J.K., & Selviaridis, K. (2021). Managing information asymmetry in public-private relationships undergoing a digital transformation: The role of contractual and relational governance. International Journal of Operations and Production Management 41(7), 1145-1191.
Spiliotopoulou, E., & Conte, A. (2021). Fairness in inventory allocation. Decision Sciences
Escamilla, R., Fransoo, J.C., & Tang, C.S. (2021). Improving agility, adaptability, aligment, accessibility, and affordability in nanostore supply chains. Production & Operations Management 30(3), 676-688.
Abhishek, Legros, B., & Fransoo, J.C. (2021). Performance evaluation of stochastic systems with dedicated delivery bays and general on-street parking. Transportation Science 55(5), 1070-1087.
Tunc, M., Cavusoglu, H. & Raghunathan, S. (2021). Online product reviews: Is a finer-grained rating scheme superior to a coarser one? Management Information Systems Quarterly, 45(4), 2193-2234.
Bhardwaj, A., & Ketokivi, M. (2021). Bilateral dependency and supplier performance ambiguity in supply chain contracting: Evidence from the railroad industry. Journal of Operations Management, 67(1), 49-70.
Akkermans, H., van Oppen, W., Ou, C., & Vos, B. (2021). Reversing a relationship spiral: From vicious to virtuous cycles in IT outsourcing. Information Systems Journal, 31(2), 231-267.
Chen, R., Ou, C., Wang, W., Peng, Z., & Davison, R. (2020). Moving beyond the direct impact of using CRM systems on frontline employees' service performance: The mediating role of adaptive behavior. Information Systems Journal 30(3), 458-491.
Peters, V., Vähätalo, M., Meijboom, B., Barendregt, A., Bok, V., & de Vries, E. (2020). Elaborating on modular interfaces in multi-provider contexts. International Journal of Operations and Productions Management, 40(9), 1397-1419.
Medappa, P.K., & Srivastava, S.C. (2020). Ideological shifts in open source orchestration: Examining the influence of license choice and organisational participation on open source project outcomes. European Journal of Information Systems, 29(5), 500-520.
Frangeskou, M., Lewis, M. & Vasilakis, C. (2020). Navigating operational and professional dependencies: Implementing standard workflows. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 40(7/8).