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Top Publications Research group: Marketing

TiSEM is pleased to announce these recent (2018-2020) publications in top journals.

Smith, R. & Keller, K. (2020). If all their products seem the same, all the parts within a product seem the same too. International Journal of Research in Marketing.
Gielens, K.J.P., Gijsbrechts, E. & Geyskens, I. (2020). Navigating the last mile in grocery shopping: The click and collect format. Journal of Marketing.
Van Ewijk, B., Stubbe, A., Gijsbrechts, E. & Dekimpe, M. (2020). Online display advertising for CPG brands: (When) does it work? International Journal of Research in Marketing.
Sokolova, T., Seenivasan, S., & Thomas, M. (2020). The left-digit bias: When and why are consumers pennywise and pound foolish? Journal of Marketing Research, 57(4), 771-788.
Keller, K.O., Geyskens, I., & Dekimpe, M.G. (2020). Opening the umbrella: The effect of rebranding multiple category specific private-label brands to one umbrella brand. Journal of Marketing Research, 57(4), 677-694.
Lim, L.G., Tuli, K.R., & Grewal, R. (2020). Customer satisfaction and its impact on the future costs of selling. Journal of Marketing, 84(4), 23-44.
Kotschedoff, M.J.W., & Pachali, M. (2020). Higher minimum quality standards and redistributive effects on consumer welfare. Marketing Science 39(1), 253-280.

Slot, J.H., Wuyts, S.H.K., & Geyskens, I. (2020). Buyer participation in outsourced NPD projects. The role of relationship multiplexity. Journal of Operations Management, 66(5), 578-612.

Stäbler, S., & Fischer, M. (2020). When does corporate social irresponsibility become news? Evidence from more than 1,000 brand transgressions across five countries. Journal of Marketing, 84(3), 46-67.

Gijsbrechts, E., & Guyt, J. (2020). Evaluating the effectiveness of retailer-themed super saver events. Journal of Marketing, 84(2), 92-113.

Zane, D. M., Smith, R., & Reczek, R. (2020). The meaning of distraction: How metacognitive inferences from distraction affect brand attitudes. Journal of Consumer Research, 46(5), 974-994.

Bombaij, N., & Dekimpe, M. (2020). When do loyalty programs work? The moderating role of design, retailer-strategy, and country characteristics. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 37(1), 175-195.

Dekimpe, M. (2020). Retailing and retailing research in the age of big data analytics. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 37(1), 3-14.
Dube, J-P., Bronnenberg, B. J. J. A. M., & Sanders, R. E. (2020). Consumer misinformation and the brand premium: A private label blind taste test. Marketing Science, 39(2), 382-406.

de Jong, M. G., & Pieters, R. (2019). Assessing sensitive consumer behavior using the item count response technique. Journal of Marketing Research, 56(3), 345-360.

van Lin, A., & Gijsbrechts, E. (2019). "Hello Jumbo!” The spatio-temporal rollout and traffic to a new grocery chain after acquisition. Management Science, 65(5), 2388-2411.

Keller, W., Deleersnyder, B., & Gedenk, K. (2019). Price promotions and popular events. Journal of Marketing, 83(1), 73-88.

Stuppy, A., Mead, N. L., & van Osselaer, S. M. J. (2019). I am, therefore I buy: Low self-esteem and the pursuit of self-verifying consumption. Journal of Consumer Research, 45(5), 956-973.

Baumgartner, H., Weijters, B., & Pieters, R. (2018). Misresponse to survey questions: A conceptual framework and empirical test of the effects of reversals, negations, and polar opposite core concepts. Journal of Marketing Research, 55(6), 869-883.

Huang, Y., & Bronnenberg, B. (2018). Pennies for your thoughts: Costly product consideration and purchase quantity thresholds. Marketing Science, 37(6), 1009-1028.

Lim, L. G., Tuli, K. R., & Dekimpe, M. (2018). Investors' evaluations of price-increase preannouncements. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 35(3), 359-377.

Lamey, L., Deleersnyder, B., Steenkamp, J. E. B. M., & Dekimpe, M. (2018). New product success in the consumer packaged goods industry: A shopper marketing approach. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 35, 432-452.

Guyt, J., & Gijsbrechts, E. (2018). On consumer choice patterns and the net impact of feature promotions. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 35(3), 490-508.

Gijsbrechts, E., Campo, K., & Vroegrijk, M. J. J. (2018). Save or (over-)spend? The impact of hard-discounter shopping on consumers' grocery outlay. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 35(2), 270-288.

Gielens, K. J. P., Geyskens, I., Deleersnyder, B., & Nohe, M. (2018). The new regulator in town: The effect of Walmart’s sustainability mandate on supplier shareholder value. Journal of Marketing, 82(2), 124-141.

Datta, H., Knox, G., & Bronnenberg, B. (2018). Changing their tune: How consumers' adoption of online streaming affects music consumption and discovery. Marketing Science, 37(1), 5-21.