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Top Publications Research group: Marketing

TiSEM is pleased to announce these recent (2018-2020) publications in top journals.

Gijsbrechts, E., Guyt, J. (accepted/in press). Evaluating the effectiveness of retailer-themed super saver events. Journal of Marketing.
Zane, D. M., Smith, R., & Reczek, R. (2019). The meaning of distraction: How metacognitive inferences from distraction affect brand attitudes. Journal of Consumer Research.

Bombaij, N., & Dekimpe, M. (2019). When do loyalty programs work? The moderating role of design, retailer-strategy, and country characteristics. International Journal of Research in Marketing.

Dekimpe, M. (2019). Retailing and retailing research in the age of big data analytics. International Journal of Research in Marketing.

de Jong, M. G., & Pieters, R. (2019). Assessing sensitive consumer behavior using the item count response technique. Journal of Marketing Research, 56(3), 345-360.

van Lin, A., & Gijsbrechts, E. (2019). "Hello Jumbo!” The spatio-temporal rollout and traffic to a new grocery chain after acquisition. Management Science, 65(5), 2388-2411.

Keller, W., Deleersnyder, B., & Gedenk, K. (2019). Price promotions and popular events. Journal of Marketing, 83(1), 73-88.

Dube, J-P., Bronnenberg, B. J. J. A. M., & Sanders, R. E. (Accepted/In press). Consumer misinformation and the brand premium: A private label blind taste test. Marketing Science.

Stuppy, A., Mead, N. L., & van Osselaer, S. M. J. (2019). I am, therefore I buy: Low self-esteem and the pursuit of self-verifying consumption. Journal of Consumer Research, [ucz029].

Baumgartner, H., Weijters, B., & Pieters, R. (2018). Misresponse to survey questions: A conceptual framework and empirical test of the effects of reversals, negations, and polar opposite core concepts. Journal of Marketing Research, 55(6), 869-883.

Huang, Y., & Bronnenberg, B. (2018). Pennies for your thoughts: Costly product consideration and purchase quantity thresholds. Marketing Science, 37(6), 1009-1028.

Lim, L. G., Tuli, K. R., & Dekimpe, M. (2018). Investors' evaluations of price-increase preannouncements. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 35(3), 359-377.

Lamey, L., Deleersnyder, B., Steenkamp, J. E. B. M., & Dekimpe, M. (2018). New product success in the consumer packaged goods industry: A shopper marketing approach. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 35, 432-452.

Guyt, J., & Gijsbrechts, E. (2018). On consumer choice patterns and the net impact of feature promotions. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 35(3), 490-508.

Gijsbrechts, E., Campo, K., & Vroegrijk, M. J. J. (2018). Save or (over-)spend? The impact of hard-discounter shopping on consumers' grocery outlay. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 35(2), 270-288.

Gielens, K. J. P., Geyskens, I., Deleersnyder, B., & Nohe, M. (2018). The new regulator in town: The effect of Walmart’s sustainability mandate on supplier shareholder value. Journal of Marketing, 82(2), 124-141.

Datta, H., Knox, G., & Bronnenberg, B. (2018). Changing their tune: How consumers' adoption of online streaming affects music consumption and discovery. Marketing Science, 37(1), 5-21.