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Top Publications Research group: Marketing

TiSEM is pleased to announce these recent (2020-2024) publications in top journals.

Sklenarz, F. A., Edeling, A., Himme, A. & Wichmann, J. (Accepted/In Press). Does bigger still mean better? How digital transformation affects the market share-profitability relationship. International Journal of Research in Marketing.
Bronnenberg, B. J. J. A. M. (Accepted/In Press). Innovation and distribution: An equilibrium model of manufacturing and retailing. Economic Journal.
Özturan, P., Deleersnyder, B. & Özsomer, A. (Accepted/In Press). Brand advertising competition across economic cycles’. International Journal of Research in Marketing.
Gregoric, M., de Jong, M.G. & Pieters, R. (Accepted/In Press). Response aggregation to obtain truthful answers to sensitive questions: Estimating the prevalence of illegal purchases of prescription drugs. Journal of Marketing Research.
Staebler, S., Himme, A., Edeling, A. & Backhaus, M. (Accepted/In Press). How firm communication affects the impact of layoff announcements on brand strength over time. International Journal of Research in Marketing
Stuppy, A., Landwehr, J. & McGraw, P. (2023). The art of slowness: Slow motion enhances consumer evaluations by increasing processing fluency. Journal of Marketing Research. 
Jaspers, E.D.T., Pandelaere, M., Pieters, R. & Shrum, L.J. (2023). Materialism and life satisfaction relations between and within people over time: Results of a three-wave longitudinal study. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 33(3), 591-601.
Van Lin, A., Aydinli, A., Bertini, M. & Van Herpen, E. (2023). Does cash really mean trash? An empirical investigation into the effect of retailer price promotions on household food waste. Journal of Consumer Research.
Sokolova, T., Krishna, A. & Doering, T. (2023). Paper meets plastic: The perceived environmental friendliness of product packaging. Journal of Consumer Research, 50(3), 468-491.
Dekimpe, M., Gielens, K., Mukherjee, A. & Tuli, K.R. (2023). The future of private-label markets: A global convergence approach. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 40(1), 248-267.
Pachali, M., Kurz, P. & Otter, T. (2023). Omitted budget constraint bias and implications for competitive pricing. Journal of Marketing Research, 60(5), 968-986.
Sokolova, T. (2023). Days-of-the-week effect in temporal judgments. Journal of Consumer Research, 50(1), 167-189.
Pachali, M., Kotschedoff, M.J.W., van Lin, A., Bronnenberg, B.J.J.A.M. & van Herpen, E. (2023). How do nutritional warning labels affect prices? Journal of Marketing Research, 60(1), 92-109.
Golder, P.N., Dekimpe, M., An, J.T., van Heerde, H.J., Kim, D. & Alba, J.W. (2023). Learning from data: An empirics-first approach to relevant knowledge generation. Journal of Marketing, 87(3), 319-336.
Martinovici, A., Pieters, R. & Erdem, T. (2023). Attention trajectories capture utility accumulation and predict brand choice. Journal of Marketing Research, 60(4), 625-645.
Widdecke, K.A., Keller, W.I.Y., Gedenk, K. & Deleersnyder, B. (2023). Drivers of the synergy between price cuts and store flyer advertising at supermarkets and discounters. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 40(2), 455-474.
Huang, Y. & Bronnenberg, B.J.J.A.M. (2023). Consumer transportation costs and the value of E-commerce: Evidence from the Dutch apparel industry. Marketing Science, 42(5), 984-1003. 
Bronnenberg, B.J.J.A.M., Klein, T.J. & Xu, Y. (2023). Consumer time budgets and grocery shopping behavior. Management Science. 
Bronnenberg, B.J.J.A.M., Dubé, J. & Syverson, C. (2022). Marketing investment and intangible brand capital. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 36(3), 53-74.
Datta, H. (2022). Fields of gold: Scraping web data for marketing insights. Journal of Marketing, 86(5), 1-20.
Bombaij, N., Gelper, S. & Dekimpe, M.G. (2022). Designing successful temporary loyalty programs: An exploratory study on retailer and country differences. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 39(4), 1275-1295.
Van Ewijk, B., Gijsbrechts, E., & Steenkamp, J.E.B.M. (2022). The dark side of innovation: How new SKUs affect brand choice in the presence of consumer uncertainty and learning. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 39(4), 967-987
Pieters, C., Pieters, R., & Lemmens, A. (2022). Six methods for latent moderation analysis in marketing research: A comparison and guidelines. Journal of Marketing Research, 59(5), 941-962.
Bronnenberg, B., Dube, J.P., & Joo, J. (2022). Millennials and the take-off of craft brands: Preference formation in the U.S. beer industry. Marketing Science, 41(4), 282-304.
Van Ewijk, B., Gijsbrechts, E., & Steenkamp, J.E.B.M. (2022). What drives brands'pricing metrics? An empirical examination of the Chinese packaged goods industry. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 39(1), 288-312.
Datta, H., Van Heerde, H.J., Dekimpe, M.G., & Steenkamp, J.E.B.M. (2022). Cross-national differences in market response: Line-length, price, and distribution elasticities in fourteen Indo-Pacific Rim economies. Journal of Marketing Research, 59(2), 251-270.
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Sussman, A.B., Paley, A., & Alter, A.L. (2021). How and why our eating decisions neglect infrequently consumed foods. Journal of Consumer Research, 48(2), 251-269.
Bies, S., Bronnenberg, B., & Gijsbrechts, E. (2021). How push messaging impacts consumer spending and reward redemption in store-loyalty programs. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 38(4), 877-899.
Smith, R. & Keller, K. (2021). If all their products seem the same, all the parts within a product seem the same too. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 38(3), 698-714.
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Sokolova, T., Seenivasan, S., & Thomas, M. (2020). The left-digit bias: When and why are consumers pennywise and pound foolish? Journal of Marketing Research, 57(4), 771-788.
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