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Top Publications Research group: Operations Research

TiSEM is pleased to announce these recent (2018-2020) publications in top journals.

Wissing, P., & van Dam, E. (Accepted/In Press). The negative tetrahedron and the first infinite family of connected digraphs that are strongly determined by the Hermitian spectrum. Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A.
Pena, J.F., Vera, J.C., & Zuluaga, L.F. (Accepted/In Press). New characterizations of Hoffman constants for systems of linear constraints. Mathematical Programming.

Slot, L., & Laurent, M. (Accepted/In Press). Improved convergence analysis of Lasserre's measure -based upper bounds for polynomial minimization on compact sets. Mathematical Programming.

De Klerk, E., & Laurent, M. (2020). Convergence analysis of a Lasserre hierarchy of upper bounds for polynomial minimization on the sphere. Mathematical Programming.
Mukherjee, D., Borst, S., van Leeuwaarden, J., & Whiting, P. (2020). Asymptotic optimality of power-of-d load balancing in large-scale systems. Mathematics of Operations Research

Roos, E., & den Hertog, D. (Accepted/In press). Reducing conservatism in robust optimization. INFORMS Journal on Computing.

Hu, H., & Sotirov, R. (2019). On solving the quadratic shortest path problem. INFORMS Journal on Computing.

Xia, W., Vera, J. C., & Zuluaga, L. F. (2019). Globally solving non-convex quadratic programs via linear integer programming techniques. INFORMS Journal on Computing.
de Klerk, E., & Laurent, M. (2019). Worst-case examples for Lasserre's measure-based hierarchy for polynomial optimization on the hypercube. Mathematics of Operations Research.

Balvert, M., den Hertog, D., & Hoffmann, A. L. (2019). Robust optimization of dose-volume metrics for prostate HDR-brachytherapy incorporating target- and OAR volume delineation uncertainties. INFORMS Journal on Computing, 31(1), 100-114.

de Klerk, E., Kuhn, D., & Postek, K. (2019). Distributionally robust optimization with polynomial densities: theory, models and algorithms. Mathematical Programming .

de Klerk, E., & Laurent, M. (2018). Comparison of Lasserre's measure-based bounds for polynomial optimization to bounds obtained by simulated annealing. Mathematics of Operations Research, 43(4), 1317-1325.

Marandi, A., & den Hertog, D. (2018). When are static and adjustable robust optimization with constraint-wise uncertainty equivalent? Mathematical Programming , 170(2), 555-568.

Zhen, J., den Hertog, D., & Sim, M. (2018). Adjustable robust optimization via Fourier-Motzkin elimination. Operations Research, 66(4), 1086-1100.

Gribling, S., de Laat, D., & Laurent, M. (2018). Bounds on entanglement dimensions and quantum graph parameters via noncommutative polynomial optimization. Mathematical Programming , 170(1), 5-42.

van Dam, E., Koolen, J. H., & Park, J. (2018). Partially metric association schemes with a multiplicity three. Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B, Graph theory, 130, 19-48.

Postek, K., Ben-Tal, A., den Hertog, D., & Melenberg, B. (2018). Robust optimization with ambiguous stochastic constraints under mean and dispersion information. Operations Research, 66(3), 814-833.

Zhen, J., & den Hertog, D. (2018). Computing the maximum volume inscribed ellipsoid of a polytopic projection. INFORMS Journal on Computing, 30(1), 31-42.