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Top Publications Research group: Strategy and Organization

TiSEM is pleased to announce these recent (2018-2020) publications in top journals.

Duysters, G., Lavie, D., Sabidussi, A. & Stettner, U. (2020). What drives exploration? Convergence and divergence of exploration tendencies among alliance partners and competitors. Academy of Management Journal.
Renko, M., Yli-Renko, H. & Denoo, L. (2020). Sold, not bought: Market orientation and technology as drivers of acquisitions of private biotechnology ventures. Journal of Business Venturing, 106022.
Yli-Renko, H., Denoo, L. & Janakiraman, R. (2020). A knowledge-based view of managing dependence on a key customer: Survival and growth outcomes for young firms. Journal of Business Venturing, 35(6), 106045.
De Cock, R., Denoo, L. & Clarysse, B. (2020). Surviving the emotional rollercoaster called entrepreneurship: The role of emotion regulation. Journal of Business Venturing, 35(2), 105936.
Graafland, J., & Noorderhaven, N. (2020). Culture and institutions: How economic freedom and long-term orientation interactively influence corporate social responsibility. Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS), 51(6), 1034-1043.
Gomez Solorzano, M., Tortoriello, M., & Soda, G. (2019). Instrumental and affective ties within the lab: The impact of informal cliques on innovative productivity. Strategic Management Journal, 40(10), 1593-1609.

van den Oever, K., & Martin, X. (2019). Fishing in troubled waters? Strategic decision‐making and value creation and appropriation from partnerships between public organizations. Strategic Management Journal, 40(4), 580-603.

Wagner, S., & Goossen, M. (2018). Knowing me, knowing you: Inventor mobility and the formation of technology-oriented alliances . Academy of Management Journal, 61(6), 2026-2052.

Devarakonda, S., McCann, B., & Reuer, J. (2018). Marshallian forces and governance externalities: Location effects on contractual safeguards in R&D alliances. Organization Science, 29(6), 1112-1129.

Devarakonda, S., & Reuer, J. (2018). Knowledge sharing and safeguarding in R&D collaborations: The role of steering committees in biotechnology alliances. Strategic Management Journal, 39(7), 1912-1934.

Dattée, B., Alexy, O., & Autio, E. (2018). Maneuvering in poor visibility: How firms play the ecosystem game when uncertainty is high. Academy of Management Journal, 61(2), 466-498.

Tarakci, M., Ates, N., Floyd, S. W., Ahn, Y., & Wooldridge, B. (2018). Performance feedback and middle managers’ divergent strategic behavior: The roles of social comparisons and organizational identification. Strategic Management Journal, 39(4), 1139-1162.