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Top Publications Research group: Strategy and Entrepreneurship

TiSEM is pleased to announce these recent (2020-2024) publications in top journals.

Anckaert, P-E. & Uhlbach, W-H. (Accepted/In Press). Migration and innovation: How foreign R&D hires shape firm-level exploration in their host country. Organization Science.
Martin, X. & Cuypers, I. (2023). Heterogeneous adaptability: Learning, cash resources and the fine-grained adjustment of misaligned governance. Strategic Management Journal. 
Donnelly, R. Purkayastha, S., Manolova, T. & Edelman, L.F. (Accepted/In Press). Institutional distance, slack resources, and foreign market entry. Journal of International Business Studies
Devarakonda, S.V., Hanisch, M., Reuer, J. & Haeussler, C. (Accepted/In Press). Hybrid administrative interfaces: Authority delegation and reversion in strategic alliances. Organization Science. 
Harrison, J.S., Josefy, M.A., Kalm, M. & Krause, R. (2023). Using supervised machine learning to scale human-coded data: A method and dataset in the board leadership context. Strategic Management Journal, 44(7), 1780-1802.
Hennart, J-F. & Sutherland, D. (2022). International business research: The real challenges are data and theory. Journal of International Business Studies, 53(9), 2068-2087.
Testoni, M., Sakakibara, M. & Chen, M.K. (2022). Face-to-face interactions and the returns to acquisitions: Evidence from smartphone geolocational data. Strategic Management Journal, 43(13), 2669-2702.
Ren, C.R., Mulotte, L., Dussauge, P. & Anand, J. (2022). Alliance performace and subsequent make-or-ally choices: Evidence from the aircraft manufacturing industry. Strategic Management Journal, 43(11), 2382-2413.
Testoni, M. (2022). The market value spillovers of technological acquisitions: Evidence from patent-text analysis. Strategic Management Journal, 43(5), 964-985.
Renko, M., Yli-Renko, H. & Denoo, L. (2022). Sold, not bought: Market orientation and technology as drivers of acquisitions of private biotechnology ventures. Journal of Business Venturing, 37(1), 106022.
Ghosh, A. & Klueter, T. (2022). The role of frictions due to top management in alliance termination decisions: Insights from established bio-pharmaceutical firms. Journal of Management Studies, 59(5), 1315-1353.
Kroon, D.P., Noorderhaven, N., Corley, K.G., & Vaara, E. (2022). Hard and soft integration: Towards a dynamic model of post-acquisition integration. Journal of Management Studies, 59(5), 1132-1161.
Duysters, G., Lavie, D., Sabidussi, A. & Stettner, U. (2020). What drives exploration? Convergence and divergence of exploration tendencies among alliance partners and competitors. Academy of Management Journal, 63(5), 1425-1454.
Yli-Renko, H., Denoo, L. & Janakiraman, R. (2020). A knowledge-based view of managing dependence on a key customer: Survival and growth outcomes for young firms. Journal of Business Venturing, 35(6), 106045.
De Cock, R., Denoo, L. & Clarysse, B. (2020). Surviving the emotional rollercoaster called entrepreneurship: The role of emotion regulation. Journal of Business Venturing, 35(2), 105936.
Graafland, J., & Noorderhaven, N. (2020). Culture and institutions: How economic freedom and long-term orientation interactively influence corporate social responsibility. Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS), 51(6), 1034-1043.