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Jan Klein

Jan Klein is Assistant Professor at the Department of Marketing.

"It is exciting to have the opportunity to explore novel ways to reach customers and to provide actionable implications for companies."

What is the main goal of your research?

Researcher portrait TiSEM Jan Klein

Carrying a smartphone with us for almost 24hrs a day, most of us are accessible for the right marketing message, in the right place, at the right point in time. While mobile devices already offer multiple ways to address customers, little is known about how to use these marketing opportunities effectively. The main goal of my research is to unlock this hidden potential of mobile marketing and mobile commerce. Particularly, I focus on large scale field experiments to develop optimal promotion strategies, to shape customer journeys, and to provide superior customer experiences.

How does your research contribute to societal problems?

Mobile marketing and mobile commerce are a disruptive force: A chance for new companies, but a tremendous challenge for traditional businesses. The development of mobile marketing in Asia indicates that this process has just started. WeChat in China, for example, has evolved from a messaging to a mobile commerce and e-payment platform. For companies the challenge becomes to adapt to this disruptive force quickly. In my research, I directly address this challenge and seek to find ways how mobile marketing can create value for both, companies and customers.

How important is it for you to link research and practice?

Research and practice is a two-way street for me. On the one hand, I profit from a close collaboration with companies by staying connected to managerial problems. This not only helps my research, but also my teaching activities. On the other hand, companies profit from a collaboration by gaining a profound knowledge transfer. This can be in form of novel approaches to guide their mobile marketing strategy, but also in form of custom education programs for their employees.

What motivates you?

Making a difference, even if it is small. It is exciting to have the opportunity to explore novel ways to reach customers and to provide actionable implications for companies. Particularly, I am driven by the possibility of testing ideas in marketplaces via field experiments. Of course, this goes hand-in-hand with the pleasure of closely collaborating with corporate partners and colleagues in Europe, Asia, and the US.

Who is your role model?

Even though I do not have a role model per se, I admire entrepreneurs that start a new business and managers that successfully lead the transformation of a traditional business. As marketing decisions in today’s volatile environment are becoming increasingly difficult, it is inspiring to work together with entrepreneurs and managers who dare to strike a new path.

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