Once a research project has received approval from the Ethics Review Board, the research can begin. It is possible that the original plan changes during the project. For example, other participants may be recruited, questions may be added to a survey, or an experiment may be expanded to include an additional task. As soon as something changes in the research proposal that affects the participants, we ask you to submit an amendment. In this amendment, you indicate what has been changed in the research proposal compared to the original proposal.

An amendment can only be submitted for small modifications or extensions (e.g., adding a variable to a survey study, textual or administrative adjustments, change of contact information), and should meet the following criteria:

  1. Project is still ongoing
  2. Same research question
  3. Broadly the same methods

The applicant must describe the changes made to demonstrate that they are not substantial, and must submit the amended application indicating the changes made to the original approved application (e.g., highlight the changes or use ‘track changes’).

Proposals submitted by September 1, 2021

If you have submitted a research proposal before September 1, 2021, you can request an amendment by email. Enclose the original application form and indicate (with track changes or in shaded areas) what has changed and/or has been added.

In addition, we would also like to receive a cover letter explaining why an amendment is made and what the specific content is.

Proposals submitted after September 1, 2021

For research proposals submitted via G.E.D. Started!, you can request an amendment via the dashboard of the tool, by clicking on ask for amendment. This will reopen the application. You will see a pop-up question appear in which you need to explain why there is an amendment and what it actually involves. Next, the text can be adapted in the tool with the new changes of the amendment.

Due to technical issues it is currently not possible to request an amendment via G.E.D. Started. Please submit your amendment via email to