Grant Winners 2021

Tilburg University is pleased to present a selection of its grant winners 2021.
What has driven our researchers to apply for their awarded grant?

“Making impact: dissemination of data and results of the European Values Study in education”

“Intellectual curiosity”

“To expand research and to bring research ideas to life”

In 2021, a great number of researchers have received honorable distinctions, research and education subsidies or awards for their scientific research. Thanks to their efforts Tilburg University is working energetically to increase its impact in society with its partners.

Digital Society

NWO awarded a digitalization consortium with other Dutch universities to work towards engaging long-term interactions with conversational agents. Another awarded project develops new optimization techniques for large‐scale problems with EoS, with application to World Food Programme’s supply‐chain.

Health and Wellbeing

In collaboration with the ETZ Hospital Tilburg a project started to implement a choice tool for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with heart disease and suspected non-inhibiting heart disease. Thee tool will inform patients better on the pros and cons of different tests and the possibilities of different treatment pathways. This project was made possible by crowdfunding and support of the Dutch Heart Foundation which doubled the crowdfunding result.

By investigating the practical and commercial feasibility of a serious game to overcome needle fright, the main deliverable of another project will be a validated business model to bring a the game successfully to the market.

A project granted with an MSCA individual fellowship is aimed at investigating the impact of the transition of work on the self-image in self-esteem processes in society.


Research into reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture will explore how agricultural emissions could be included in the EU Emissions Trading System, a highly topical issue. It will also include a comparative study with other countries.

Last but not least, a large ERC Starting grant was awarded for research on visual language, a subject that is relatively new in sciences. The project concerns research into how similar the structure and processing of visual stories is to the structure and processing of language.

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