Grant Support Winners 2021

Gallery Grant Winners

Tilburg University is pleased to present a selection of its grant winners.

A selection of other Grant Winners 2019:

  • Matteo Giletta, TSB, Developmental Psychology
    ERC Starting Grant: “Outside-in: How Bullying in Adolescence Gets Into The Mind and Under the Skin.”
  • Prof. dr. Martijn Groenleer, TLS, Public Law & Governance
    NWO Crossover call RELEASE: “Reversible Large-scale Energy Storage”
  • Dr. Frans Folkvord, TSHD, Communication and Cognition
    NWO Veni grant: “Vlogging for a healthier food intake”
  • Prof. dr. Jonathan Verschuuren, TLS, Public Law and Governance
    NWO Open Competition SSH: “Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture: the role of emissions trading”
  • Prof. Mr. dr. Jurgen de Poorter, TLS, Public Law and Governance and 
    Prof. dr. Rob van Gestel, TLS, Tilburg Institute for Private Law
    Sectorplan: “Judicial lawmaking in a changing world”
  • Prof. Mr. Han Somsen, TLS, Public Law and Governance
    Sectorplan: “Constitutionalizing the Anthropocene”

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