Research Humanities and Digital Sciences

Research at the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences focuses on transformation processes taking place in contemporary society, related to communication and culture, and analyses the underlying moral and ethical questions.

PhD defenses

Upcoming events

  • 09 Nov 201810:00

    PhD Defense Mr. Drs. P.A. van der Laken
    Title: Data-driven Human Resources Management: The rise of people analytics and its application to expatriate management
    Supervisors: Prof. M.J.P.M. van Veldhoven, Prof. J. Paauwe

  • 30 Nov 201810:00

    PhD Defense Mr. A.P. Hayen, MSc
    Title: Shared savings and patient cost sharing in the Dutch health care system
    Supervisor: Prof. dr. G.P. Westert
    Co-supervisors: Dr. M.J. van den Berg and Dr. J.N. Struijs

  • 30 Nov 201814:00

    PhD Defense Mr. D. Dittrich, MSc
    Title: The grass is not always greener in the neighbor's yard: Bayesian and frequentist inference methods for network autocorrelated data
    Supervisors: Prof. J.K. Vermunt and Prof. R.T.A.J. Leenders Co-supervisor: J. Mulder

  • 05 Dec 201814:00

    PhD Defense B.C. Vindeløv-Lidzélius MBA
    Title: Innovation in Complex Systems. An Exploration in Strategy, Leadership and Organization.
    Supervisors: Prof. G.M. van Dijk, Prof. J.B. Rijsman

  • 11 Dec 201814:00

    PhD Defense J.A. Gillett, MA
    Title: Compatibilist Freedom and the Problem of Evil
    Supervisors: Prof. W.B. Drees, Prof. M. Sarot

  • 17 Dec 201810:00

    PhD Defense Mr. T.J.M. Kuunders
    Title: Local use of national knowledge. Enhancing guideline implementation in local public health policy
    Supervisors: Prof. J.A.M. van Oers and Prof. L.A.M. van de Goor
    Co-supervisors: Dr. M.J.H. van Bon-Martens and Dr. T.W.G.M. Paulussen