Research Humanities and Digital Sciences

Research at the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences focuses on transformation processes taking place in contemporary society, related to communication and culture, and analyses the underlying moral and ethical questions.

PhD defenses

Upcoming events

  • 28 Mar 201816:00

    PhD Defense Ms. E.A.J. Croes, MSc
    Title: Meeting Face-to-Face Online: The Effects of Video-Mediated Communication on Relationship Formation
    Supervisors: Prof. M.L. Antheunis, Prof. E.J. Krahmer
    Co-supervisor: Dr. A.P. Schouten

  • 11 Apr 201816:00

    PhD Defence Mr. Drs. Y. Azghari
    Title: Participation of Young Moroccan-Dutch and the Role of Social Workers
    Supervisor: Prof Dr. A.J.R. van de Vijver
    Co-supervisor: Dr. B.T.J. Hooghiemstra

  • 09 May 201816:00

    PhD Defense Ms. L.J. van Maastricht, MA
    Title: Second Language Prosody: Intonation and Rhythm in Production and Perception
    Supervisors: Prof. E.J. Krahmer, Prof. M.G.J. Swerts

  • 16 May 201810:00

    PhD Defense Mr. N.J.E. van Noord, MA
    Title: Learning visual representations of style
    Supervisors: Prof. E.O. Postma, Prof. M.M. Louwerse

  • 23 May 201810:00

    PhD Defense Ms. M. Hou, MA
    Title: Social Media Celebrity. An Investigation into the Latest Metamorphosis of Fame.
    Supervisors: Prof. J.M.E. Blommaert, Prof. J.W.M. Kroon
    Co-supervisor: Dr. P.K. Varis

  • 29 Jun 201814:00

    PhD Defense Mr. B. Joosten, MA
    Title: Detection Social Signals with Spatiotemporal Gabor Filters
    Supervisors: Prof. E.O. Postma, Prof. E.J. Krahmer