Research Humanities and Digital Sciences

Research at the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences focuses on transformation processes taking place in contemporary society, related to communication and culture, and analyses the underlying moral and ethical questions.

PhD defenses

Upcoming events

  • 18 Dec 201710:00

    PhD Defense Mr. M. Regus, MA
    Title: Understanding Human Rights Culture in Indonesia: A Case Study of the Ahmadiyya
    Supervisors: Prof. Dr. H.L. Beck & Prof. Dr. M.E.H. van Reisen

  • 21 Dec 201710:00

    PhD Defense Mr. Ph. Merry, MSc
    Title: Synchronicity and Leadership
    Supervisors: Prof. D.L. Cooperrider, Prof. E.J.P. van Loon, Prof. J.B. Rijsman

  • 21 Dec 201714:00

    PhD Defense Ms. D. Demirçay, MA
    Title: Connected Languages. Effects of Intensifying contact between Turkish and Dutch
    Supervisors: Prof. A.M. Backus, Prof. J.M.E. Blommaert

  • 22 Dec 201710:00

    PhD Defense Ms. X. Wang, MA
    Title: Online and offline margins in China: Globalization, language and identity
    Promotores: Prof. J.W.M. Kroon, Prof. A.M. Backus

  • 10 Jan 201816:00

    PhD Defense Ms. M. Vieira da Fonseca Serras Pereira, PDEng
    Title: A Multimodal approach to children’s deceptive behavior
    Supervisor: Prof. M.G.J. Swerts
    Co-supervisor: Dr. C.S. Shahid

  • 12 Jan 201810:00

    PhD Defense Mr. M. Oudenampsen
    Title: The Conservative Embrace of Progressive Values: On the intellectual Origins of the Swing to the Right in Dutch Politics
    Supervisor: Prof. O.M. Heynders
    Co-supervisor: Dr. P.K. Varis

  • 09 May 201816:00

    PhD Defense Ms. L.J. van Maastricht, MA
    Title: Second Language Prosody: Intonation and Rhythm in Production and Perception
    Supervisors: Prof. E.J. Krahmer, Prof. M.G.J. Swerts