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Graduate School for Humanities and Digital Sciences

The Graduate School for Humanities and Digital Sciences is an attractive environment where PhD candidates become skilled and responsible academics. Our primary role is to deliver services that enable PhD candidates to fully dedicate their resources to research. On a day-to-day basis the Graduate School is the first point of contact for all stakeholders involved in PhD projects.

The Graduate School stands for quality, integrity, and humanity. We safeguard the high quality of both the supervision process during PhD trajectories and the resulting thesis. We do not only protect the interests of the PhD community, but proactively work towards maintaining a safe, inclusive, and professional environment. We focus on being transparent and approachable for everyone engaged in PhD projects.

The Graduate School advises various parties within the university about how to improve the position of PhD candidates. By conducting regular interviews, we are precisely attuned to the support PhD candidates need in order to thrive and become skilled scholars. The Graduate School also upholds the high-quality standard of academic research by ensuring PhD candidates comply with university policies.