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Research at the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences focuses on transformation processes taking place in contemporary society, related to communication and culture, and analyses the underlying moral and ethical questions.

NWO funding for Marie Barking and Katarina Mihaljevic

Two candidates managed to obtain funding by NWO this year, Marie Barking, who will do research into language interference, and Katarina Mihaljevic, who will investigate the life of the philosopher Rose Rand. Both will start their PhD project as of September. The Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences has the opportunity to apply for funding by NWO, to enable PhD research in the humanities.

Katarina Mihaljevic is a Research Master's student in Philosophy at the University of Groningen. Previously, she graduated from the Master's program Philosophy, Science and Society a Tilburg University. Her project 'Re-weaving the tapestry of history: Rose Rand and the Vienna Circle' was granted by NWO. Supervisors will be Prof.dr. Maureen Sie and dr. Sander Verhaegh. In this project Katarina will reconstruct the life and work of Rose Rand, who was a member of the Vienna Circle. This group of philosophers strongly influenced philosophy and the behavioral sciences in the interbellum. Although Rand made important contributions to this group, her views were largely ignored by the philosophical world. Katarina will examine how we can use examples from the history of philosophy to understand the problems women face in Academia today.

Marie Barking is a Research Master's student in Language and Communication at Tilburg University and Radboud University Nijmegen. She obtained funding for the project 'Two languages in one mind ? investigating language interference and its underlying processes ', which will be supervised by Prof.dr. Ad Backus and dr. Maria Mos. In this project Marie will investigate how a second language can interfere with someone's first language when learning and using a second language. Currently, little is known on this topic. This project will give us valuable insights about the process of language interference, which is very relevant in an increasingly multilingual world.

For more information, see the NWO website.