Zero Hunger Lab - Impact program

Creating Value from Data

A considerable part of our daily behavior is stored in large databases. The amount of data that we generate is increasing exponentially. Moreover, the processing power of computers is growing as well as the power of algorithms tot analyze data. This creates new opportunities but also great risks.

At Tilburg University we develop better data science techniques and strive to improve transparent, reliable and responsible use of data. Together with societal partners we combine expertise in algorithms, analytics, and data mining with legal and ethical knowledge as well as knowledge in fields such as finance, economics, logistics, HR and health. 

Impact in action

The Data Science Center Tilburg aims to unlock insights hidden in large data sets and to assist society and businesses with translating these insights into action to solve complicated problems. Examples of successful cooperation is the optimization of the World Food Programme and Strategic logistical collaboration. As a partner of the Jheroniumus Academy of Data Science we offer Bachelor and Graduate programs, PDeng education, and conduct and apply research within existing ecosystems.

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