WeCare ETZ

Customized care

Changes in society are happening: more and more chronically ill people need care, and patients want to be more involved in their care, which leads to pressure on the care system. That is why the health care system is subject to change. On the other hand, technological developments offer opportunities to respond to these changes. The use of data can provide more insight into the course and treatment of diseases, and the use of e-health, such as home monitors and video consultation, can contribute to more efficient and patient-friendly care.

Tilburg University contributes to these social themes within care and health. We deploy expertise in the multidisciplinary field such as knowledge of data, behavioral change, organization and implementation of care for economic (e.g., cost aspects of care and e-health) and legal issues that can be put into practice on a large scale.


We Care themes

  • Shared decision-making
    This focuses on the needs of patients. This concerns the patient as a serious discussion partner who, in consultation with the medical specialist, chooses his/her best treatment. In other words: What can a patient choose from? What are the treatment options? and What do they mean to him/her?
  • Data science/artificial intelligence
    Data science is another way of researching the development and effectiveness of treatments. New treatments are only introduced after standard comparative research in which research is first done on animals and then on humans. This often takes years. With the help of data science, this process can be accelerated, and a unique collaboration between science and its meaningful translation into clinical applications is created.

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Collaboration with STZ

Tilburg University and the Collaborative Top Clinical Training Hospitals, (Samenwerkende Topklinische opleidingsZiekenhuizen, STZ) will work together. The STZ sees opportunities at the university that are in line with its ambition: a better quality of care by means of organizational and social innovations. Tilburg University is keen to deploy its expertise in health care practice. These include knowledge about behavioral change, the organization of care, social innovations, legal issues, data science, and the sustainability of care. The title of the collaboration is "Implementation of Innovation in Clinical Practice." More information will follow.