Een goede start voor iedereen

A good start for everyone

A good start is not a matter of course for everyone, but it is an important predictor for a healthy and successful future. However, problems such as poverty and an unhealthy lifestyle with a high risk of developing chronic diseases and addictions often pass from one generation to the next. The challenge is to break this pattern by teaching children the right skills from an early age to be successful in the future and to make long-term decisions about their health.

Young adults are also an important target group: they are often vulnerable and sensitive to the numerous outside influences.

Tilburg University contributes to this challenge through a variety of projects for different target groups: young children, families, and youngsters. New knowledge is collected in order to gain an even better insight into which social challenges exist, for example, by means of data science, to be able to offer solutions in the form of interventions. The ultimate goal is to better support these target groups so that greater equality in society can be achieved in the long term.

Community Chairman