PhD Valorization program

The Impact-PhD program (IPP)

The Impact-PhD program (IPP) is geared up towards enhancing the interdisciplinary collaboration between the schools and the cooperation with societal partners to increase the impact of research in society.

In 2018 13 PhD-positions are made available by the schools to strengthen the PhD community around the Impact themes “Empowering the Resilient Society”, “Enhancing Health and Wellbeing” and “Creating Value from Data”. Supervisors from two different schools guide these PhD Candidates.

The impact team facilitates the PhD’s with courses supporting them in the development of skills necessary for the realisation of societal impact with their research.

In collaboration with THRIVE Institute, in 2020 and 2021 tailor made and interdisciplinary programs are offered to motivated PhD Candidates. In these programs the PhD Candidates improve their entrepreneurial skills in order to increase the societal impact of their research.