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Published: 17th September 2021 Last updated: 22nd September 2021

Sign up for the PhD Valorisation Program: a hands-on learning module for PhD candidates that want to make (more) societal impact with their PhD research and gained skills. Motivated PhD candidates can still apply until October 3, 23:59h.

In the PhD Valorisation Program you will learn about valorisation: the process of translating your research to create societal value. Over the course of 5 months you learn step-by-step how to turn your own research skills and findings into useful tools, services, policies or popular science, for government, industry and the general public. The six workshops will touch upon different themes that are essential for your impact journey. Additionally, you will get 2 personal coaching sessions with valorisation experts to discuss your ideas, challenges and ambitions. Together you will work to make your impact ambitions become reality!

You will walk away with

This program is focused on the obtainment of a mix of new skills: entrepreneurial skills to make research-based societal impact, communication skills on how to communicate your ideas to organizations outside of academia and networking skills on growing your network and setting up collaborations. So, you will not only learn the technical steps of valorisation, but you will also work on developing professional skills that benefit you inside and outside of academia.

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Why is this important

The skills gained in the program enable you to apply your research to society. Meaning that from then on, you can explain your ideas and insights to different audiences, practice building connections with people relevant for your research and ambitions and understand the routes to making an impact. These skills can both improve the quality of your research and help overcome your own insecurities that can stand in the way of you making an impact.  

Previous results

Resulting from the strong action and result focus of the program, we got to the following impact results: action programs have been developed, jobs were gained (among which at the European Commission), collaborations were set up, businesses have been created, popular science articles have been published on forums such like Donders Wonders and Generatie Rookvrij, NRC and Trouw, presentations were held at (international) congresses, sites were developed, events were organized with over 60 attendees, and more!

More information

For more information about the requirements and additional questions, get in touch or take a look on Valorisation Program PhD — THRIVE Institute!

THRIVE Institute is always available to answer your questions. If you have any, reach out to:

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Apply before October 3 by sending your CV and motivation to