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Published: 22nd September 2021 Last updated: 22nd September 2021

In the PhD Valorisation Program you will learn about valorisation: the process of translating your research to create societal value. Over the course of 5 months you learn step-by-step how to turn your own research skills and findings into useful tools, services, policies or popular science, for government, industry and the general public. Here you can find testimonials of previous participants.

Sjanne Marie van den Groenendaal - Rond

Sjanne Marie van den Groenendaal

I found it extremely cool to participate in the THRIVE PhD Valorisation Program. During the program I learned to translate my research results into practice. Based on my PhD research, I would like to share my insights with practice, but where do you start!

The trainers of THRIVE helped me to take the first steps and to think in terms of the needs of your target group. In other words, to think in terms of 'pain & gain'. I found that very valuable! I also learned that you just have to do it! As researchers, we tend to think everything through step by step before we dare to take action. The art is in experimenting, learning and refining. The path only emerges when you walk it. I found that very inspiring and it encouraged me to take the first steps for my own business. If I were to describe the trainers of THRIVE, I would say: enthusiastic, supportive and full of positive energy.

Hellen Smith - Rond

Hellen Smith

The most beneficial aspect of the PhD Valorisation Program was that I had an opportunity to explore the use of different impact models for my PhD research project, to develop impact content and to explore ways to pitch my ideas to organizations I wish to partner with.

Rimma Grishmanovskaya - Rond

Rimma Grishmanovskaya

The PhD Valorisation Program helped me to identify societal value of my PhD research and come up with a blueprint for setting up an organization that would bring policy-makers, researchers and practitioners together. The hands-on, enthusiastic and practical approach of the THRIVE Institute team delivering the program helped me to think bigger about how my research (and skills, more generally) can make an impact in the society. 

The program is very well structured and thought out. It leverages the skills that PhD candidates already have, and complements them with market analysis, pitching, networking skills etc. that are useful when working with non-academic institutions. For me personally, the program was a great starting point for deciding to join a Purpose Accelerator Program at THRIVE where I am currently working on an exciting and promising Science Communication project.


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