Impact Program

The Tilburg University Impact Program brings together researchers and stakeholders in complex societal issues in order to advance society with the help of knowledge and innovation.


  • Pensions in Transition: New Netspar Program Off the Ground 21 Mar 2019 Pensions in Transition: New Netspar Program Off the Ground
    Pension think-tank and knowledge network Netspar - founded at Tilburg University - has secured funding for a new program term and is launching an ambitious research agenda for 2019-2023, "Netspar NexT", with the support of its partners. Approximately 1 million euros will be available annually for new research on the social and economic consequences of an aging society. Read more

  • 18 Mar 2019 Interview: More robots, more work
    Robots will take over all jobs, so it is often thought. On the contrary, say Charissa Freese and Ton Wilthagen: robots will create jobs. It’s just that these new jobs will be different, and the challenge is to anticipate which jobs will disappear, which ones will change, and what the new ones will be like – and when. Tilburg University aims to prepare employers and employees to the labor market of the near future. Read more

  • 25 Feb 2019 Interview: “H-i! M-ay I h-e-l-p y-ou?”
    Customer service chatbots are ready to help you night and day. But communication with a bot can be cumbersome sometimes. Christine Liebrecht, Assistant Professor of Language, Business Communication, and Digital Media, thinks there is room for improvement. How? By teaching bots regular human language. This is how Tilburg University focuses on technology that works for people. Read more

  • 13 Feb 2019 Interview: "W-i-l-l y-ou b-e m-y f-r-ie-n-d?"
    ‘The robots are coming’. Like many of us, teacher and researcher Paul Vogt believes that is what lies in store. They will find their way to schools, hospitals, and people’s homes. And of course, kids will like to play with them. A good idea, or is it? Read more

  • 22 Jan 2019 E-Health breaks with established patterns in health care
    Eveline Wouters is Professor of Successful Technological Innovations in Care at Tranzo, Tilburg University, and lecturer in Health Innovations and Technology at Fontys, paramedical highschool. Her research interests in technology include its acceptance and implementation in the domain of care and wellbeing. New technology, robotics, and e-Health offer better opportunities to help patients, she argues. However, since many more stakeholders are involved, we need to make sure that we do not lose sight of the objective, the equal care of every patient. This requires tailor-made solutions and intensive collaboration, argues Wouters.
    Read more

  • 'Impact' remains priority of Tilburg University 14 Jan 2019 'Impact' remains priority of Tilburg University
    Impact, research based on collaboration, and multi-disciplinarity will be highly prioritized at Tilburg University in 2019. That was part of the New Year's message delivered by Dr. Koen Becking, President of the Executive Board, to Tilburg University's staff. Read more

  • 11 Jan 2019 “In this way, we open each other’s eyes and you can have a broader look”
    First experts-by-experience get a job at Tranzo’s Academic Collaborative Center “Living with an Intellectual Disability” Read more

  • € 250,000 for research to overcome procrastination in pension decisions 02 Jan 2019 € 250,000 for research to overcome procrastination in pension decisions
    The management of the scientific knowledge network Netspar has awarded a € 250,000 grant for the development and testing of a model for procrastination in pension decisions. The goal is to gain a better understanding of why people often avoid or advance these kinds of decisions. On the basis of research data, the researchers want to develop tools to overcome this inertia. Read more