Impact Program

The Tilburg University Impact Program brings together researchers and stakeholders in complex societal issues in order to advance society with the help of knowledge and innovation.


  • 'Impact' remains priority of Tilburg University 14 Jan 2019 'Impact' remains priority of Tilburg University
    Impact, research based on collaboration, and multi-disciplinarity will be highly prioritized at Tilburg University in 2019. That was part of the New Year's message delivered by Dr. Koen Becking, President of the Executive Board, to Tilburg University's staff. Read more

  • 11 Jan 2019 “In this way, we open each other’s eyes and you can have a broader look”
    First experts-by-experience get a job at Tranzo’s Academic Collaborative Center “Living with an Intellectual Disability” Read more

  • € 250,000 for research to overcome procrastination in pension decisions 02 Jan 2019 € 250,000 for research to overcome procrastination in pension decisions
    The management of the scientific knowledge network Netspar has awarded a € 250,000 grant for the development and testing of a model for procrastination in pension decisions. The goal is to gain a better understanding of why people often avoid or advance these kinds of decisions. On the basis of research data, the researchers want to develop tools to overcome this inertia. Read more

  • 21 Dec 2018 Interview: 'I am using AI to understand humans'
    In the atrium of the JADS-building in ’s-Hertogenbosch, the heart of Data Science research and education of Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology, Eric Postma explains where his fascination for artificial intelligence (AI) stems from. Just how appropriate this location is, quickly becomes apparent in the interview. There is no AI without data, that much is clear. And without humans, there is no AI. To Eric, humans are central, and that is at least remarkable for a professor Artificial Intelligence. ‘But it fits Tilburg University’s unique identity and future perfectly. Read more

  • The Happiest Art: Where science meets art 10 Dec 2018 The Happiest Art: Where science meets art
    Artist SuperA collaborated with Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology Margriet Sitskoorn to create art that makes people happy with the help of scientific knowledge. Watch The Making Of here: Read more

  • 03 Dec 2018 Interview: 'Robots have a communication problem'
    Prof. Emiel Krahmer knows all about the knowledge and communication skills of present-day robots and what they still need to learn. His expertise: translating knowledge into language. And no, not to worry, he is sure that robots are a long way still from beating humans in communication. Read more

  • 25 Nov 2018 'Theologians were the first to reflect on robots'
    "For the popular Robot Love lecture series I was asked: Do theologians engage with robots at all? I immediately replied: We most certainly do! In fact, we were the first to think about them!” Read more

  • Hackathon for the future of education: 'Hack for Future Talent' 22 Nov 2018 Hackathon for the future of education: 'Hack for Future Talent'
    On Saturday 8 December, the doors of CUBE will be opened for the hackathon "Hack for Future Talent". This means that you can hack and manipulate data for as much as 12 hours and win prizes! Attendance is free and intended for everyone! Read more