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Empowering the Resilient Society

Our society faces issues the consequences of which are difficult to fathom. Markets and economies are connected worldwide, digital technology plays an ever more important role, climate change is being felt and the aging population and migration affect the make-up of communities. How do we continue to safeguard solidarity, justice, and humanity?

In order to empower society we need new arrangements for politics, governance and law, new forms of labor and the economy, and attention for everyday surroundings with respect to health, sustainability, infrastructure and security. In addition, morality, ethics, and social cohesion warrant a rethink. As differences between people grow, more resilience is of utmost importance.

One of the Impact projects that address resilience in the digital age is the Brabant Robot Challenge. Higher education institutions have joined forces for their students to resolve real cases concerning robotics in healthcare.

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Impact in action

The Impact Program Empowering the Resilient Society connects science and society focusing on issues such as Smart Cities, Human-Robot Interaction, Future of Youth, Social Economy, Climate and Energy Transition, and Aging and Retirement. Projects include Brainport Smart District, the Brabant Robot Challenge, the Reshoring Connection, Startersbeurs and the program JOIN - Youth in a resilient society.

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