Impact - Empowering the Resilient Society

Empowering the Resilient Society

For many people and groups, some developments such as digitalization and robotization, climate change, energy transition, and migration cause great uncertainty. Furthermore, because of these developments, some individuals and groups are excluded from society and lose confidence in politics, governance, the financial sector, and society.

It is therefore very important to conduct research and work on new political-administrative, financial, social, human resource management, and legal arrangements that allow all social groups to feel heard, supported, and represented so that conflicts can be properly resolved and innovation can get off the ground.

Resilience is a broad theme. The European Commission defines resilience as "the ability of an individual, a household, a community, a country or a region to withstand, cope, adapt, and quickly recover from stresses and shocks." We have opted for an approach in which sub-themes and the associated communities are used to give substance to this. The emphasis is on strengthening people and leaving no one behind. The focus is on developing a new perspective and new actions in which society, economy, and governance play an important role.

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