Impact program

Impact Program

The Tilburg University Impact Program brings together researchers and stakeholders in complex societal issues in order to advance society with the help of knowledge and innovation.

Aging and Retirement

We live longer and, as a result, the population is aging. This has both economic and social consequences. How are we going to finance pensions and elderly care for more and more people? Does it make economic sense to work beyond retirement age? Are we saving enough? How can we stimulate pension awareness? Netspar is trying to answer these and numerous other questions.

Netspar: a retirement with a future

Better understanding and more knowledge sharing

Netspar, the Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement, is a think tank and knowledge network that was established at Tilburg University. Since 2005, Netspar has been dedicated to stimulating a better understanding of the economic and social ramifications of pensions, the aging population, and ‘old age’ in the Netherlands and Europe. With knowledge development through unbiased academic research and knowledge sharing through publications, events, and education, Netspar actively contributes to the social dialog among policy makers and managers, administrators, and professionals at pension and insurance institutions as well as in the academic community.


Netspar is a network organization, initiated by academic partners as well as partners in the pension sector and government bodies. These partners play an important role in setting the research agenda and deciding on research priorities. The point of departure is an integral vision of the financing of old age. This means that pension is regarded in conjunction with other important aspects related to old age: work, housing, spending patterns, and care for the elderly. In addition to the ‘hard’ financial and economic issues, ‘soft’ social and psychological aspects and communication are explicitly included in the Netspar program. The input of other academic disciplines like sociology, psychology, law, and communication is crucial for policy-relevant research.

Pension debate

Netspar plays an important role in the Dutch pension debate, serving as a neutral platform by providing sound arguments as input for the debate, uniting divergent visions, and elucidating choices without taking position. Based on a thorough understanding of the latest scientific research, Netspar develops scenarios and offers insight into the pros and cons of alternative solutions through targeted, quantitative analysis. Its contribution to the debate is made all the more effective by communicating the results of that research in a comprehensible manner to a broader public of pension professionals, thus more explicitly highlighting the applicability of the research results.

Klaas Knot, President De Nederlandse Bank (DNB): Netspar can play an important role as honest broker in the pension debate

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