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Climate and Energy Transition

The entire world is facing climate change, partly caused by greenhouse gas emissions. Global warming is affecting the daily lives of millions of people and will only increase in the future. In order to slow down climate change and accelerate the transition to other energy sources, energy and climate goals need to be translated into concrete actions, at an international, European, national, and regional level. Tilburg University is working with social partners to realize these actions.

The main obstacles are social

Although new technologies offer solutions, the challenges facing society must be tackled at administrative, legal, financial and economic, psychological, and above all, social levels.

For example, there are few incentives for citizens to actually change their behavior: complex regulations stand in the way of good initiatives, and cooperation amongst the government, the business community, and civil society organizations is often difficult. What we need is not only technological innovation, but also social innovation.


Within Tilburg University, various disciplines collaborate on energy and climate research. The researchers do this together with the government and civil society organizations. The disciplines are united in the Community Climate & Energy Transition (Dutch only).

Community Chairman

Program Manager