Impact program

Impact Program

The Tilburg University Impact Program brings together researchers and stakeholders in complex societal issues in order to advance society with the help of knowledge and innovation.

Vision Impact Program

In order to advance our complex society we need knowledge and innovation, both social and technological, and a concerted effort by all stakeholders. These include knowledge institutions as well as societal ones and citizens themselves. It is Tilburg University's goal to contribute to this effort. The Impact Program is designed to do just that. We want to serve society and make it a better place for all.

Essay: Advancing Society in a Digital Era

In the essay 'Advancing Society in a Digital Era. Science with a Soul' Impact Program founders Ton Wilthagen, Johan Denollet and Dick den Hertog set forth the vision that shapes the Impact Program.

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Essay: A Time for Interdisciplinarity

In 'A Time for Interdisciplinarity, an essay on the added value of collaboration for science, university, and society' Prof. Ton Wilthagen, rector Emile Aarts and Prof. Peggy Valcke make the case for growing towards more interdisciplinary collaboration and education which will enable us to innovate and make an impact on society.

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Team Impact Program