Center for the Study of Superdiversity

The International Consortium for Language and Superdiversity (InCoLaS)


The International Consortium for Language and Superdiversity, InCoLaS, was formed in 2010, involving Tilburg University, King’s College London (Rampton, Harris), Birmingham University (Martin-Jones, Creese & Blackledge), Copenhagen University (Madsen, Spindler-Möller, Karrebaek), University of the Western Cape (Stroud, Williams), University of Jyväskyla (Leppänen, Westinen) as core team; Sydney University of Technology (Pennycook), Beijing University (Gao), University of Pennsylvania (Moore, Agha, Wortham) and Simon Fraser University (Vigouroux) as a second-line team.

InCoLaS started collaborating intensively with the Max Planck Institute for Religious and Ethnic Diversity (MPI-MMG Göttingen, Germany, director Steven Vertovec), and was incorporated in the MPI-MMG in 2012 as the Max Planck Sociolinguistic Diversity Working Group (coordinator Karel Arnaut).

Intensive synergies since 2010 have led to joint (and successful) funding applications, publications, research training initiatives, sharing of student supervision, and resources sharing in general. There has been intense cooperation in the context of a HERA project and SANPAD project (both successfully completed in 2012), and various project applications are currently being developed in the fields of, e.g., e-humanities, asylum seeking, migration and certification of skills and knowledge.

Partner Institutions

In addition, the outspoken international dimension of the network and its activities has boosted the local research environment, enabling students and researchers to move between partner institutions.