Center for the Study of Superdiversity

Ton Vallen Award

Ton Vallen (1946-2011) was Professor of Multilingualism and Education at Tilburg University, The Netherlands, and a deeply committed member of Babylon, Center for the Study of Superdiversity. He dedicated his life and work to the complex issues of language in education in a society increasingly characterized by linguistic and cultural diversity. In memory of his life and scholarship, the Babylon Center, with the support of Multilingual Matters, honors the scholarly efforts of young postdoctoral researchers in Ton Vallen's field through the annual Ton Vallen Award.

The Ton Vallen Award intends to provide an incentive to young researchers in this field of inquiry, to publicize and highlight excellence in scholarship in this field, and to stimulate discussion and collaboration among the research community in this field.

The Ton Vallen Award is given to the author(s) of an article on sociolinguistic and educational issues in multicultural societies, published in an academic journal in the year prior to the award.

The Ton Vallen Award comes with a diploma and will be widely publicized through a network of academic communication channels.

In recent years the Ton Vallen Award has been awarded to:

  • Ton Vallen Award 2017: Gao Shuang
  • Ton Vallen Award 2016: James Costa
  • Ton Vallen Award 2015: Annelies Kusters
  • Ton Vallen Award 2014: Lian Malai Madsen
  • Ton Vallen Award 2013: Martha Sif Karrebæk
  • Ton Vallen Award 2012: Shaylih Muehlmann