Center for Company Law

Center for Company Law (CCL)

Center for Company Law combines research in the fields of corporate, securities, and tax law.

The research of the members of the Department Private and  Business Law and the Fiscal Institute Tilburg is centralized in the Center for Company Law (CCL). 


The purpose of the Center for Company Law is to foster and develop academic research that meets the demands and requirements of businesses in different areas of business and tax law. It starts from the premise that research should provide academic underpinning of improvements in developing an efficient business environment.

Research program

With the current research program “Sustainable Business Law and Business Taxation in the Information Era (2017-2021)” the Center for Company Law wants to provide sustainable answers to questions related to the changes in the business environment regarding the fast pace of the enhanced globalization, the dynamic nature of the new business models and the rapidly expanding availability of big data.


We aim for:

  • International visibility and recognition of CCL via its researchers, primarily through publications in both international and national journals and professional publications and participation and organization of conferences, seminars and workshops;
  • Recruitment of Ph.D. students working in areas which combine academic approaches and the needs to permanently improve business fostering legal frameworks;
  • An advanced dialogue with the business community in the form of cooperative research projects, training programs and the like;
  • Enhancing the skills and competences of business law and tax students with legal training in business oriented settings.