About CentER

CentER is an internationally acclaimed research institute at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management in the Netherlands. Established in 1988, CentER has evolved into a broad-based research institute spanning every field of economics and business administration. In addition, CentER offers outstanding graduate programs in economics and business.

Research: recognized quality

The CentER members divide their time between teaching a variety of courses and conducting research. Research activities are divided into eight research groups. CentER's research excellence has not gone unnoticed. See our rankings for more information.

Graduate School: building on success

Each of the graduate degree programs includes a two-year Research Master degree and a three-year PhD program. Since its inception in 1992, more than 350 CentER students have successfully completed their PhD studies.

Visiting scholars: building network

CentER's outstanding reputation in the international economics community and its business research excellence attract scholars from all over the world. These visiting scholars conduct research, publish papers in CentER's Discussion Paper series, offer short courses on a variety of academic topics, and participate in informal exchanges with students and professors.

The CentER Group: synergy

The CentER Group is a trilateral organization that combines fundamental research, applied research (CentER Applied Research) and data collection (CentERdata) through its individual components.