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Here you will find information about your graduation as a Research Master’s student, including information on how to request your graduation, how to obtain your diploma and all deadlines involved.

Procedures and forms


  1. Before you request your graduation, please check if your education plan is up to date. If this is not the case, then please fill out a new plan and have it signed by your education coordinator. Hand in your updated plan at the graduate office.
  2. Please upload your Research Master’s thesis to Ephorus for a check on plagiarism. The link to Ephorus can be found in the Electronic Study Guide description of your thesis
  3. Set a defense date together with your supervisor and second reader. You can choose either a public defense or a closed defense. A public defense is open to family and friends and is held in a separate graduation room. Your supervisor can arrange this room. A closed defense is held at the office of the supervisor where no family or friends can be present.
  4. If you want receive the Master's diploma at your thesis defense, then please use this application form to apply for your diploma, or visit the Central Student Desk.
  5. If you have already had your thesis defense and have obtained all other study results for your Master’s diploma, then please use this application form to apply for your diploma. Of course you can also visit the Central Student Desk.
  6. After your defense, the supervisor fills out and signs a form stating your grade. The supervisor arranges that this form is send to the Central Student Administration.


Overview deadlines

    • Request graduation: at least 21 days before your defense will take place.
    • September 1: deadline for the defense of your Research Master’s thesis if you have been accepted as a PhD student