Research CentER

CentER conducts fundamental top research in every field of economics and business management, and strives to create optimal conditions for the research and investigation of important issues in these areas. The goal is to create an open atmosphere conducive to intellectual exchange. Because scientific developments are inherently unpredictable, CentER does not devise elaborate research programs.

Researchers are encouraged to follow their intellectual curiosity rather than adhere to previously formulated paths. PhD candidates play a crucial role. They not only dedicate themselves to learning the trade; they also stimulate faculty members to remain critical and alert.

Research areas

The research activities at CentER encompass the following research areas: Accounting, Econometrics, Finance, Information Management, Macroeconomics, Marketing, Microeconomics, Operations Research and Organization & Strategy. Research in each group is coordinated by a research coordinator.


Groups are also formed around themes that are formed around new interdisciplinary topics: Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Design Science, Environmental Economics, Industrial Organization, Labor Economics, Management of Networks, Pensions & Ageing, Supply Chains & Networks.


CentER has eight seminar series. Each year CentER holds about 200 seminars and 30 informal workshops.

Data resources

Through CentERdata, panel surveys can be conducted through a tele panel of some 2000 households in the Netherlands. CentERlab collects data through experiments.